Why Universal Light And Healing Centers

As our earthly potential expands into new dynamic and Universal evolutionary programs of sacred play, our mission is; to support human family healing, to inspire unity, ignite balance, wellness, and harmony from within and center within our ever-heightening awareness and relationship with Gaia and Creation.

In our evolving expansiveness, our human family, our children, our children’s children, children from on and off world, are all awaiting for the vibrational readiness to create and co-create in only the way that we can in a fully awakened state of being. We are here to inspire such limitless potentials now; however, we must re-balance, we must heal, and we must transcend all societal programs of construct, limitation, fear, and step up within new dynamic potentials of what is truly possible and begin anew. New reality experiences require bold visions of potential and pure inner knowing that all is possible when our hearts are aligned with love and compassion to create true change. We are worthy of such change and so too are our children.

As we thread ourselves within new earthly human potentials, many struggle with ‘letting go’ of the old, many feel stuck, many feel lost and uncertain of how to help and assist their children, or their families adjust through ongoing ascension transitions that affect the entire multi-dimensional bodies; mental, physical, emotional, etheric. We are here to assist in this sacred journey to self-love, self-transformation, and human evolution and may we forever seek the God in all beings, and all life in doing so.

We offer a unique energetic system of light temple teachings that is purely innate. All within. All Divine. All YOU, All God. This allows for profound self-clarity, confidence, and inner peace in any unfolding and how to truly navigate in ever-changing vibrational waters and manifest the life that is Divinely balanced and healthy.

How do you know you are ready for a deeper awakening of self-love?

Are you desiring a peaceable, well-balanced life? Do you desire to feel greater harmony, centeredness, and richness within yourself and the engagement with your loved ones, and / or to help, inspire, facilitate, teach, express, and educate about the Christed God~self, or simply to re-awaken the Divine richness found within all moments? There are no accidents in why and how you found your way here and we will inspire and empower this Divine self-knowing and inner trust as you explore deeper and wider versions of our evolving reality.

We are shifting quite dramatically from the intellectualizing of awakening and truly softening into a flow, a new state of being that feels Divine, feels sacred, feels reverent, and this is the Divine sacred essence. We can now experience a new essence of flow, malleability and manifestation to our new reality potential in which love, joy, excitement, allowance, and surrender are the pathways in which God can live through us. As we step into our mastery, this Divine portal of support and empowerment to our human family, is just but one example of the myriad of soulful manifestations that will be, like many, transforming our human paradigm and preparing a new path of Universal Unity. This is just the beginning!

We are meant to be in joy. We are meant to live in a peaceful state of being, in centered presence, and in balanced and harmonic bliss with our families, with Gaia, and with Creation. As we explore our excitements, and open to allow greater Divine flow, we set the vibration for new human paradigms, and we must begin to trust our mastery and set forth upon new paths of unknown with joy in being Universally supported. Ascended earth realities are here, are now, and any version of peaceful, balanced, healthy earthly human experience is Divinely possible, and that as purely as the intent is made, our incredible journey to self-love and self-embrace unfolds.
Are you ready to truly feel alive, to truly feel the depths through which you are loved and beloved? Are you ready to call All that you are forth, and surrender within the God that you are to set free dynamic exploration, examination, expression, and experience the ALL that love is in any one moment? Are you ready to engage and entangle within Creation in expansively rich, and Heavenly ways? This is how truly special and how truly powerful a creator you are. We are here to remind you of this.

The Universal Light Wisdom and Healing Centers is an open and dynamic portal through which the Divine Christed~self is ignited and brought to life through loving and creative self-reflection, light wisdom practices, and soulful vibrational teaching, healing, sacred soulful celebration, communion, and sharing with other soul tribes all over the world, and Universe at large. We are a support system, a healing portal, and an expansive learning platform for all beings, at any age, at any level to explore and study the Divine Christed God~self within, and in doing so, we unveil a majestically diverse and rich life.

As a global collective, we are ultimately preparing for expansive exploration to co-create that goes beyond all that we have ever known and experienced. As Universal children, we each have unique capabilities, gifts, and skills that can propel new harmonic, peaceful, and light-centered dynamic human potentials. It is our free will and choice to go within and allow the vast fields of the Divine to come forth and play, and as we do, new inspirations live through us that serve the greater good and the All; And so it is.

In aliveness and depth of love with All life, we are here as a platform to inspire new human Christed exploration, expression, and creation.

Joanna’s Personal Message ~

Dear lighted ones, dear Children of Creation;

it is time to explore, express, and share the innate and eternal Christed essence within and truly begin a reality experience in which we celebrate our expansive sacred journey in human form. There is so much to celebrate. I have been transformed over the many years of my personal ascension path work in every nuance and majestic lesson offered through every interaction and experience I seem to create and co-create. I have always known of my ability to be keenly aware, acutely observing of even the most minute detail of human interaction, and what seemed to be my traits that initially made me feel ‘unfit’ in whatever group or paradigm I was experiencing, I now know these were my innate gifts that can allow me to be the mother, teacher, and healer that I am. It was in my uniqueness that I found myself as the Heavenly gift that I am, and how this unique human story, just as you are within your story, a gift to be presented, shared, and explored in its entirety. As I am acutely aware of the multi-dimensional details around me, and the intricacies of the human behavior, it is in this that I am able to inspire, empower, and illuminate for others what potentials exist within change and opening to a softer, more empathic, and compassionate human way thus clearing the way for our entire children collective.

God is within, and whispering at all moments of life if we are willing to be silent and still to be moved by It. It is necessary that we still our minds and drop to our hearts and shift our collective perspective to joyful sacred sharing to ignite such rippling human change in our daily lives.

When I was first inspired to offer a website, and share in the profound multi-dimensional experiences, my excitement at the time was to inform and educate, through my own explorations, the ever-present potential of open first contact and the elegance of Divine entanglement. I have come here in this profound time to assist in the awakening and to set a new course to prepare a foundational platform for our collective children’s exploration. Coming to earth as a crystalline child myself, and having three young children, all unique and Divine in their Akashic needs and desires, and thus allowing for me to serve in a more intimate manner to observe and be of service to the grander scheme of human evolution.

Although celestial contact is still a threaded excitement within all that I am as a Divine Universal child, my passion and evolutionary path has evolved to one that is centered within inspiring and empowering a new human platform in which our families, our children can truly come forth and enjoy human sacred play through the exploration and love of the Divine God~self. Through Divine self~love we begin to own, claim, and stand within our light as a unique human collective that is worthy of all the blessings we are gifted in every moment.
Anchoring Human Worthiness

We must truly find it within ourselves to anchor this surety and clarity as an intelligent collective of dynamic richness and depth that is only opening the gates to something truly unimaginable, and that we are worthy and ready for All that the Heavens are blessing us in doing so. This level of collective surety and excitement to transform as a whole will set the vibratory tone for gifts, treasures, and expansive experiences beyond measure. Meeting, entangling and communing with our celestial family and teams is a facette of Divine evolution, and yes, we have evolved through our awakening to prepare in every way for this. It is far more important however, that we awaken to this human life experience with celebration and exaltation as a Universal child entering within new dynamic evolutionary stories, and to know that we have all we need within to heal, to rebalance, and to mend what we have created through the veils of illusions and create anew. We require this sense of confidence and surety to set the resonance and vibratory tone for the generations to come and for the children now that are ready to unveil the inner journey with Source as they guide our human families to new Divine experiences.

We are being celebrated from all diverse regions of Creation supporting our human journey and Divine human embrace. This is a powerful time of transformation and it is our birthright to ignite, unveil, and walk within our Christed God~self and all that this entails. The inner power to alter any and all obstacles and challenges that we have created through seemingly eons of self-manifested limitations, is within.

The Dance begins ~

I have changed and evolved with so many of you over the years, and as we step forth into new light fields of play, I hope our paths for will forever crisscross and weave with unconditional joy and embrace for all that we have co-created together. You are all threaded within this lovely journey and why this exploration, this offering of unity and sacred soulful sharing is so very important and beautiful; for it shapes the foundations and collective vibration for the All. It helps us prepare and set a stage for our children to explore their Divine Christed God~self, their innate gifts, their innate creations and explorations, that will truly begin a new weaving of dynamic human creativity and loving Creational entanglement.

We offer a loving platform through which our human family can initiate multi-dimensional healing and expansiveness that will not only inspire human health and wellness, but authentic and Divine love of self, family-community, global harmony, unity, Oneness, and Divine readiness as we transition within and explore dynamic evolutionary life potentials.

Our Universal Light Wisdom and Healing Centers and team facilitators are energetic healers, parents, teachers, and excited human family just like you that are passionate about Divine peaceable change, evolution, and dynamic joy love of self and one another. We are all inspired to co-create within empowering circles of shared wisdoms, shared human and cosmic remembrances as we create now in peaceful, harmonic, and infinitely expansive energetic ways. We are passionate to explore and deepen within our celebration of self-love, unity, and the eternal God~self expansiveness within Creation.

Light, love, unity, Christed God~self consciousness, and creative exploration within this is our birthright, and we are so excited to explore this with you in all that we offer, gather, and co-create within. Join us in our Divine and sacred sharing’s through which our hearts will be forever changed and amplified through the love of Creation.

We have shifted within new dimensional paradigms and Divine offerings that will fully propel us in all that we intend with purity and sacred play. Awaken, align, and sing your soulful song of loving joy, Divine self-embrace, and so too will Creation sing along.

And so it is.
And so you are.

We appreciate your entanglement and generosity to allow for our lighted offerings to be shared.

Deep gratitude Joanna.