We envision the Universal Light Wisdom and Healing Centre’s as an open and dynamic portal through which personal, family, community, and global healing of the Divine and Sacred human family will be inspired and empowered to live in the purity of self-love and self-excitement in the unveiling of the Christed God~self within.

We inspire evolutionary perspectives about our human reality potentials through the innate and eternal teachings of the Divine Christed Consciousness. This in and of itself, is the basis and foundation of all consciousness expansive musings, energy healing, rebalancing of our social inequities, reunion and entanglement with the Divine Mother Gaia, reunifying with our galactic and Universal brethren within Creation, and stepping forth within our own unique power as a vastly complex and competent human collective as we ignite new paradigms of benevolent creative social potentials.

The Christed Consciousness is the underlying wisdom known and taught by many masters throughout all human timelines, and it is this foundation that is our inspiration and passion to offer as the Divine portal to ascension, personal healing, socio-economic rebirth, and the transmutation of any reality experience.

Inspiring greater awareness through the teachings of the Christ Consciousness, the eternal God~self, allows us to not only rebalance our multi-dimensional bodies, but to also self-heal, reprogram, and transcend limitation and illness in whatever way we created it to manifest. We envision ourselves as a dynamic and sacred portal through which those that so desire to dance with Creation in Divinely inspired and unique ways, will come forth to share, explore, express, heal, and ignite collective unity, altruism, and a new way in which we allow for expanded play and exploration for our dynamic crystalline children. Through the reclaiming and anchoring of our own unique innate gifts and infinite vastness, as Divine God spark, and as a human collective, we can then rebalance all that we are, and reignite new earthly potentials.

Our vision is to inspire, empower, and encourage the eternal study, exploration, examination, expression, and experience of the Christed God~Self to all beings at any age. In this dynamic exploration and self-embrace, we begin to transform every aspect of the All that we are, the All that we exist within, and the All that exists within each and every one of us. Through this eternal and elegant journey of exploring the God within, we illuminate as the unique stories, notes, and harmonies of love in which we were are all breathed to experience. We are here to remind you how truly integral, important, valid, and valued you are to the grander scheme of evolution and throughout Creation, and this is to be uniquely celebrated and honored.

Our passion, our excitement, and our Divine joy is to offer a platform through which these inspired Christed teachings, musings, sacred soul tribe gatherings, and ceremonies will be offered to those who so desire to dance the dance of love, unity, and eternal life and evolution in benevolence and joy. We initiate dynamic social change, dynamic human and societal healing through the All, the God~self that is within; thus, each and every change ignites new beginnings, new human stories, and new soul songs that align with the eternal essence of the God~self and the entire Creational wheel.

Who Are We?

We are passionate members of this Divine Human Universal family; we are parents, we are healers, and we are light workers. We are Divine children of Mother Father God, and we are coming together through our excitement and inspirations to catalyze change, catalyze deep inner knowing, exploration, and the unique expression of the Christed God~self and in doing so, we set the foundation for new platforms to be created for our Divinely gifted crystalline children ready to explore new human potentials.

Our vision, our mission, our passions to serve is as grand and eternal as the Mother Father God is, as each of us are, and in this, we will continue to evolve, transform, and transmute all that has been, and create anew. In light, in love, and within the limitless depths and richness that is God essence, we are limitless and we are meant to live in peace, joy, eternal abundance, and harmony as we explore the All that we are threaded within.

We are here to inspire, to empower, to encourage and ignite the God spark within, and reunite within the All. As we ready ourselves for ever-expansive earthly vibrational dynamics, we transition into higher evolutionary life potentials and intelligence. You are Divinely sacred dear ones, and you are to be honored as the Christed being that you were breathed to experience. We look forward to communing with you in our Divine and human sacred play and exploration. And so it is.


Examine, Explore, Express, Experience

Our Divine mission is as dynamic and eternal as our vision; ever-changing, ever-evolving, and constantly being catalyzed by the Christed consciousness. With profound excitement, we offer a dynamic multi-dimensional support and healing platform in which the ascending human, of any age, can examine, explore, study, express, and experience the Divine Christed God~self within. This Divine sacred essence is; eternal, multi-dimensional, infinite, creative, expansive, benevolent, and ever-evolving and It is ignited through the remembrance of love.

Light wisdom, healing, and joyful Divine exploration of the God~self within is the essence of ULWHC. As we unveil ourselves in exaltation and self-honor, so too do we prepare the way for our dynamic crystalline children that truly need new and unique platforms to explore their innate gifts and creative Divine essence. We are here to inspire a new phase of our human evolution. All that we are as Divine and sacred human beings, are highly expansive and complex; our souls, our uniquely rich Divine essence reaches far beyond what can be seen, proven, or even understood, and we are here to ignite the passion and excitement of this beautiful eternal journey with the Divine. Our mission is to offer a safe platform and gathering hub through which this Heavenly unveiling of the Christed God~self, for all beings at any age, can truly begin and be empowered to infinitely explore, embrace, and express Its eternal essence within.

Our children desire the same open and safe exploration of the Divine Christed God~self as we have had, and they have come forth in highly dynamic times to unveil and walk within their light as we do in ours. Human potential, human evolution, and our Divine inheritance is inspiring us as a collective, to open within new paradigms of how we move about everyday life and to ignite change through all that we are and know to be true our potentiation. Self-love, self-healing, and Divine self-excitement is the capstone through which we will ignite new socio-economic human potentials and new reality paradigms in all ways. And so it is.

Awakening, Ascension, and Why We are so Passionate

We are threaded quite innately, quite dynamically, and with incredible expansiveness within the All, and our Universal Light Wisdom and Healing Centers offers many resources, and platforms of vibrational light teaching, healing, and sacred sharing in which the exploration of the God within unfolds and spirals anew. Through such dynamic exploration, all limitless potentials ignite in Divine timing and with elegant majesty that ripple forth a new human-evolutionary song.

Many are seeking portals and pathways to gather with sacred soul tribe. Many care-givers and parents also see the desire and need for new potentials to be offered for their children and families to heal, to rebalance, to explore, to share, and to gather with other like-souled energetic wisdom seekers. As new Creational vibrations and potentials are offered to us, we are excited in evolving with this unique platform that will help support and empower dynamic ways in which we are deepening our understanding of the Christed God~self within. We are truly changing the paradigms in which we live within and it begins in our journey of self-love and being open to new dynamic ways in which we co-create, co-exist, and thrive as an ascending human family collective. The Divine Christed God~self within is the portal through which the All is experienced, and through which the All is transformed. There is within each of us, an infinite well of wisdom, knowledge, and gifts through which we are each here to explore and expand within as we do. We offer such a portal in which those aching for the richness of self-love, self-honor, Universal entanglement, and to truly unveil the God~self within, can tap into an extensive array of resources, tools, high vibrational healing sessions, and classes to stir and soothe the Heavenly heart into creating anew.

We are here in passionate play to stir a new perspective of dynamic human experience, Divine exploration, communion, ceremony of all life, energetic quantum entanglement, and the eternal treasures found within loving self-celebration.

The Ascending Human Family & Our Children

Our children, our families are moving through profound times of transition, change, and healing, and as we evolve within our eternal essence, our children will require new platforms of safe exploration as step from outdated old systems of structure and awaken to create new fluid fields of dynamic quantum remembrance and co-creation. We are here to inspire, empower, and support this very profound human transition as we navigate within new multi-dimensional reality experiences. Our children are the tempo for dynamic change and just as we have gone through so many years of awakening and healing, so too do they come with the same desire to transition through their karma and Akash as we have. However much of this incredible human evolutionary process is not taught, discussed, or made comfortable for them to safely explore in a balanced and self-honoring manner. Our mission is our passion to offer a support platform for the ascending human family and be guided by the children as they co-create and explore their own unique Christed God~self. This Divine human journey is truly to be embraced and celebrated as it was always meant to be experienced.

Our mission is to offer the foundational explorations and teachings of the Christed God~ Self, that inspires all expanded higher vibrational living. Letting go of all that was in our socio-economic way of behaving, and creating anew within an expanded and compassionate playful heart. The Christed essence, the God~ Self, is the natural and innate Divine design that was intended and our capabilities, our capacity to truly explore and experience the unimaginable is here and now. As one deepens within self-love, self-honor, and Divine richness of the ever-lasting relationship with the Holy Mother and Father within, we activate profound multi-dimensional gifts, skills, wisdoms, and intelligences that go beyond explanation and ripple within a new world reality experience in all ways. Our children are here to remind us to love and play.

We are the creative remembrance of God awakening. We are the Divine and sacred invocation and Heavenly gift sent forth through time and space to co-create in our own unique Christed essence, and in our remembrance of this, we not only heal ourselves and our human collective potential, but we also heal the All.

ULWHC will support and inspire natural and innate healings through the awakened wisdoms, intelligences, and skillsets of the Divine God Essence within. As we ever-evolve, so too will we set the vibration and platform for our children, and their children’s children, to also walk in their innate and undeniable light. We are unshakable in our knowing of the potentials for human evolution and in this, our excitement flows to create and co-create in loving flow with all beings that also desire to live as peaceable, loving, and Heavenly Human Universal beings of Divine living light. We will offer dynamic new concepts, thoughts, musings, high vibrational healing offerings for all ages, for all beings. We will gather and create ceremony not only with one another, but with our Divine Mother Gaia, and all wildlife and nature that synchronistically tunes in with us as we do. We will offer portals through which parents, caretakers, and ambassadors of ascension in all creative dynamics can explore a myriad of resources and offerings to expand within vibrational healing, light, and love wisdoms, that will be the foundation and capstone of new light fields in which we transcend into new multi-dimensional Universal terrain.

Universal Light Wisdom and Healing is held within each one of us; the eternal, the Divine and the infinite and sacred multi-dimensional gifts and wisdoms are all held within. We not only have the capabilities to heal naturally, but we also obtain limitless consciousness through which we are able to explore and set the stage for our crystalline and indigo children, for all ascending families, and all those that have moved through so many Divine transitions as we co-create our new and loving sacred earth.

Our children, all children, on and off world, are readying themselves for the unique times forthcoming, and we must open our hearts, our minds, and prepare the way with for them to also know the eternal God within. Transcending any and all definitions and dogma, we offer an inspiring sacred portal of the eternal vastness that is the Divine human expression and journey of love light in God remembrance. In our excitement to offer this sacred communion of life, Creational love, and light exploration, may the Divine in us, entangle, dance, engage, and co-create with the Divine in the All, and may we forever alter our experience in honor of life, love, and our birthright to explore the infinite. Divine gifts of loving co-creation await.

We joyfully unveil our birthright to explore self-love, the Divine God~self, and our ever-eternal journey within Creation, in Oneness within the All, welcome to our sacred soul tribe.



We appreciate your entanglement and generosity to allow for our lighted offerings to be shared.

Deep gratitude Joanna.