Good morning dear lighted ones,

You are vision of light, a movement of light, an expression of love, for in this there is truth, a Universal Divine Christed truth that so many are now awakening to.
This eternal and infinite truth is the essence of God, a movement of essence, if It can be described is within words we have yet to create, inspire, and speak, for It is, the All is, the movement, the coalescing, the entanglement, the observation, explorations, and expression of is undeniable and indescribable.
The embodiment of the Profound soulful movement of you, is the enrapture of love within itself, for you are the note, the song, the lyric, and the movement, and ALL that we exist within becomes an ever moving and malleable song of love within the grander song of Creation.

God particles, God notes, God letters, God encodations, God inspirations, God Visions, God musings, and expressions of an invocation to love, to be loved, to be eternal in this state of ISNESS ~
It is this that stirs within the soul until the call is heeded, explored, expressed, experienced anew, and in the loving expansiveness that one holds within oneself, is the expansiveness through which a reality is experienced and the All is benefited in kind.

And so it is,

Join us on the 20th for a Loving Entanglement with Cari from Straight Talk for the Soul Master Series platform, and for our Spring Equinox loving celebration, initiation, and ceremony in the Garden of Love;

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