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In: Treasures of the Heart

Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment to Soulful Destinies

November 11 2018
5:55pm MST
90 minutes
(mp3 of event included)

Join us in these Divine experiences of Heavenly-human-earthly co-creations as we dance within the elegance of a refined Source essence within. For you are the perfection of Source.

And so it is.

Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment

Sacred Tea With Joanna


Personal Live Meeting

Sacred Tea With Joanna

Light Wisdom and Healing Session

“Sacred Tea with Joanna”

This is an ‘in-person’ session ~ Come and join Joanna for a sacred afternoon of high vibrational entanglement, social communion as you sip a lovely cup of tea or coffee while you gaze upon the joys and graceful offerings of Gaia’s beauty and splendour at the Diamond Heart Sanctuary.

Drop by this incredible, well known, scenic route of beauty in the most diverse nature arena of the Kananaskis landscapes.
Take in the beautiful scenery, enjoy an organic tea, organic coffee, and feel the immense love and heart-felt communion with your Divine Soul family as Joanna taps into your fields of energy, Akash, and most vibrant energies of the moment to assist in healing, joyful sacred living, and walking forth in the honour of who you truly are.

What to expect; Feel into a heart-warming conversation about awakening, ascension, wellness, balance, guidance to flow and follow within your joy, passions, and Divine soul plan. Joanna will open to a intuitive heart-felt joy with the Divine Source Creator, all beings that you are connected, entangled with, and that is with you in your healing, your awakening, and in your path to live authentically and dynamically in an ever-changing ascending earth. Divine wisdom and loving healing vibrations from Gaia, your teams, and the insights that are unique to you will spill forth as you enjoy this natural setting nestled within the scenic-driving, outdoor Mecca of the Albertan Kananaski offering.

60min., Tea & Divine Communion ~ Spiritual enlightenment, awakening topics, embrace the self-honour you are worthy of with dynamic friendly conversation, intuitive insights, Heavenly & Gaia vibrational offerings.

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