Good morning dear lighted ones,

It will be ever more important of our awareness about what we exist within, what exists within each of us, and the All that we truly are as we continue within the grand spiral of earths, humanities, and our Divine galactic evolutionary story of Creation. We have shifted, are continually shifting and being offered Divine Sacred encodings from Source to assist, to enhance, to nourish our evolution, and in this, we always being offered a new pallet of Divinity to expand and play within. It will be ever-more evident, in our daily lives that how we behave, how we set the intention and vibration in each new day, will be felt and sensed to that of the new grid vibrations that we are to match within.

In our growing awareness of what it means to expand within our Christed expansiveness, and how we are manifesting and co-creating within these crystalline multi-dimensional perspectives and Universal initiations to grander earthly-galactic, human potentials. Not only have our bodies shifted, transmuted, and been activated more than can be explained in one article, but we have also been upgraded in vibration within our earthly Gaia grids, for she is our activator of resonance and we are married and entangled with her in a co-creative ascension that ripples our coalescing affects through to the All. As Gaia moves deeper within her ascension and re-unification, so too will the grids be prepared for her, for us, and all Divine Source encodations sent through for our recalibration within new galactic atmospheres and matrix beddings. We are now feeling, sensing, and knowing how truly threaded within the All that we are, and why understanding the grander perspective about our quantum entanglement will be more and more prevalent to releasing the final debts of density that keep the treadmill spiralling in old-grid reality sensations.

The Christed crystalline grids allow us to match, through free will, the vibrations of the eternal, multi-dimensional, Divinely expansive, Divinely Creative, infinitely loving, and Universally unifying essence of the Christ vibration. Jesus, along with many masters, had come forth through dimensional soul agreements to serve in this knowing, offer, teach, emulate, and inspire the Divinity within, and through this, miracles unfold and love prevails any and all seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges. We are all being offered such mastery paths through which the exploration, the examination, the expression, the experience of the God within, and through this devotion to living within a new presence, and essence of the Universal Christed self, such grid amplifications, such Divine Source encodations, such timely soulful activations will allow you to flow and be, and create, and explore the master within and the Divinely timed miracles that exist within such Heavenly surrender.

There is a dynamic, profound, and Heavenly orchestration through which Creation spirals in evolutionary loving intent through Father Source. I have been shown in my own path exploration and DNA/RNA activations, that when we are activated within our DNA to new levels of consciousness awareness and awakening, Father Source is aware of it simultaneously and new programs of light live through each of us in this activation, exploration, and expression-sharing. We have stated in many of our weekly ascension broadcasts, in many of our Sacred Temple Teachings, that Divine Sacred Sharing are so key and vital to evolution within the families, the human communities through which we all are excited to assist in shifting, progressing, and living in Divine joy within. Expression of a newly offered Divine gift, or new wisdom, new tones, new inspirations are so very key to the further activations of life systems around you that are coded, that are primed, and prepared for your quantum threading, quantum sharing, and quantum catalyzing.

In one of my recent meditations, I was shown that the Divine Father Source, I see this experience usually as the Divine Yod, the finger of God, the image of the Sistine Chapel, and this presence, this essence, is like no other, and innately resonant with emanations of the grandest joy of life that I have experienced. This is so captivating and I feel is the ‘essence’ of evolution. If there can ever be an explanation of what a visionary, or any one person can feel when entangling with Source in such a manner, I feel there are still no words, or little that can be said, or defined for such experiences, and it is meant to be this way. This is Divine majesty and only truly meant to be felt, sensed, and known innately. Just as the love for a child, or a pet, or a favourite Gaia offering. These are innately inspired depths of love and joy that oftentimes can never be put accurately into words that match the vibrations of what is truly moving through us in such open-hearted moments of Oneness.

When I am entangled with Source, I feel an overwhelming loving joy for life exploration. For the loving experience, and expression of love; this is God, and why it is within such re-unification and loving all fractured parts of who we are, of who we have ever been, and are experiencing now upon other multi-dimensional realms to open love, accept, and honour within the story of Creational unity and Oneness. I was shown the Yod, and I immediately felt the excitement to share in loving joy, to express, to play, to share, and to authentically own all that I am, so that I can then be the catalyst for something new and profound here upon earth, as the multi-dimensional conduit that I am, that I have agreed to explore, and in my excitement to express.

I have learned that what I offer in my unique excitement, allows for the All to be touched, just as each of us do when we follow our excitement, act upon our excitement, and empower, inspire, and smooth the way for others to do so as well. Let go of ‘old-world’ grid obligations, ‘old-world’ systems that have served us, that have gifted us with great lessons and joy in our evolution and how gifting all that we have ever known light, love, and joy, will transform such realities faster and with greater harmony, for all intentions held within light will manifest greater light. All expressions held within anger, frustration, and impatience, or transgression will only perpetuate more of the same ‘old world’ experiences. The 13th Dimensional Telios of Light were ignited into my consciousness state of being as I expanded within my excitement to explore, communicate, express, and instantly saw Father Source emanating, ‘she’s ready’ and our entanglement had begun. These are moment-for-moment confirmations that we each carry, that we each can dance within, thread within, and commune within in our stillness, our presence, and our willingness to ‘let go’ and love all that was.

It is within our ever-expanding spiritual maturity that allows for us to walk within our mastery and offer our gifts, for it is within the sharing, the exploration, the Christed sacred play that evolution becomes evolution. In which the cycle of what was becomes a new crystalline experience never seen before throughout Creation. By your light you will be known. And so it is.

The All that can be lived and experienced in new dimensional love-light vibrational ways is within you, and your excitement, your forgiveness, your compassion, your blessing and gifting love, will ignite this in every magical and miraculous way. Our collective frequency, our global frequency, will only be offered ever-greater frequencies and encodings for us to play and match within, and so it will be subtle to begin with, but ever present to each light worker that our role is to hold space, offer empowerment, offer love, offer light, offer a safe blessing and know we deepen and expand Source and Creation in all moments we live within our Christed Heavenly essence and birthright to be so.

The importance of our momentary reactions, our daily life unfolding, and how we react, how we respond, the words we choose, the intent, and the behaviour through which spirit is expressed, is lived, is offered is key for us to truly live within greater awareness and presence as we advanced within Christed grid potentials. We are offered Divine encodations to assimilate within, to match, and in this, we prepare our light bodies, our galactic and Universal mental capacity for further evolution. We truly are, as the 13th Dimensional Telios of Light confirmed, moving within a new human spiritual classroom in which our mastery will be, can be lived in new dynamically human-Christed explorations, and not only for our benefit of Creational experience, but that of our crystalline children, and their children, for we all resonate within the stories we write, we tell, and we carry with us.

Christ Consciousness Characteristics

We are the authors of a new human Christed experience and this will empower us to step up within the Christed characteristics of vibration; unconditionally loving, forgiving, multi-dimensional, Universal-Omni-presence, creative, expressive, exploratory, open, allowing, surrendering, discerning, and self-accepting in every new level of vibration that we may be offered to explore and co-create within. We are here to ever match, ever push the loving creative quotient to new light vibrations and we do so by living within the Christ Consciousness essence within and without. Matching the Christed vibration begins in your acknowledgement and awareness that we are Christed, that we are exist within a Universal Christed potential, that is expansive beyond our defining and knowing, and loving in all ways that we surrender within It.

These are the new matrices, the new vibrational templates that we are here to emulate, to transcend within, and offer to all those that so desire our inspiration, our wisdom, our sharing, our light, our compassion, our forgiveness, our understanding, our creative gifts, and to simply offer a loving gift of blessing from your authentic and genuine Heavenly heart. This is how we heal the All through healing ourselves in allowing the Christed essence to live through us, for It is us, It is our natural innate state of being, and we are now safe to play, explore, and express ourselves anew in this way.

Our Christed awareness is key; for in this awareness we breathe, we align, we center, we discern, we gift anew. We are able to see the vibrational effects of our experiences upon those we live with, upon our community and our perspectives of the reality systems we are co-creating through such mastery co-creating. For our children, our next generations, will feel the intentions through which we respond. The children feel the intentions in our words, feel the light, or the density through which we teach, and thus then ripples to the All, for we are far more entangled and quantumly connected now more than ever, and why standing in your light, offering your light, blessing the all with your light, and honouring every system, every injustice, and every imbalance will be the key to heart-felt Christed liberation. All systems, all of our earthly reality will move through its own ‘matching symbiosis’ within the Christed frequencies, for it is our consciousness, our heart-felt inner knowing of unity, that has called every nuance to us for greater loving and forgiveness.

Christed crystalline grids allow us to explore, examine, experience, express ourselves within an ever-oscillating and expanding essence of love-light. New programs, new encodations, new oscillations of speed-light, that is free for those that so desire to open through their hearts and dance along. The speeds at which we will experience will be subtle but noticeable in every way and why practicing moment-for-moment Christed unconditional love will be the most valuable tool we can gift ourselves and others. Just as the whole of Creation is bringing into the spiral of evolution all aspects, all fractals that require recalibration to new light frequencies, new loving acceptance, new transmuting, so too do each of us offer such experiences of loving mastery and alchemy to ourselves for this Divine earthly Creation.

In the Divine orchestration to experience the ALL, there are infinite layering, threading, and creating to truly experience the ALL, we are such particles of vibration within It.

Metatron created the electron to allow for the sub-particles to be held within new equations of integrative experiences and thus expanding the whole that the equation is held within. This analogy is no different that each of us, than each person, aspect, and every experience that we create, to show ourselves what is required to love, to claim, to renew, to recalibrate, to offer, to forgive, and to loving shift within our innate knowing that our Christed state of presence is enough to open the door, to soothe the hearts, and to neutralize any momentary challenge or illness.

This is the inner knowing that we are all quantumly threaded and that in all that we do, are, and behave within, affects the All. Every lovingly contract, each person that we agree to co-create with, in any and every way, is for the grander perspective of deepening within love, acceptance, and forgiveness, thus then opening the quantum door for DNA, RNA, and Creational creative potentials to flow and live in new love-light cycles. There will always be offered higher truths, higher knowing, expanded perspectives, and why behaving and living within this open, allowing state of presence, and ignite the child-within wonder, will allow for the continual flow of love-light to live through you and offer the platform through which new Creational experiences can take place.

In our heart-felt love, our over-whelming joy to experience love, and experience ourselves within love and Creation, we come forth to play within such exploratory games of Creation. We know that in doing so, we serve the All, and it is within our perceptions, our perspectives, our loving open heart of forgiveness, compassion, self-honour, self-love, that can allow for the re-balancing and neutralizing of any vibration seeking your light to live in new ways of itself. All those that you have agreed to experience Creation with, are with you, and you with them, because of what you knew would be of joy to co-create together. In the push-pull cycle of revelation, cycle of evolution, we innately know the gifts we are being offered, shown, and what we have to offer and show, thus then living within the agreements and fulfillments of our Divine heart’s desire and soul joy.

This is our birthright to acknowledge, to claim, and to gift and It is of Divine love-light. Our gift of love holds a vibration, a tone, a colour, and an innate entanglement within the All, and within every quantum particle, we are an activating agent, a catalyst of love held within It. Just as Source is within us. Ever whispering to us to love, to let go, to surrender within love, to forgive, to be still, to be in peace, to breathe, to play, to stand in our light. Any and all words of loving empowerment is the firmament of the Divine. It is the essence of Source emanating through in all things, in all life and awaits for awakened hearts to entangle and cycle within new love-light potentials. In every moment of living within your own unique Christed vibration of love-light, will await activations, new awakenings, new discoveries, expanded truths, new joy, new creative gifts of healing, of innate knowing, of innate quantum healing that truly span beyond what can be seen or reasonably explained. This is the potential of our Christed Divine birthright and we are being inspired to match the pristine grids through which we are being constantly offered love-light moments to flow within and alter Creation in doing so.

Love all that was, bless all that was, gift Creation your beauty, gift the All your presence of peace, calm, and centered knowing ‘All is Well,’ and so too will the Divine and Heavenly Christed grids of light and omni-presence support you in your unconditional flow. You are Christed Divine Living light dear ones, and in every moment, we can arise and be the gift of loving emanations, loving blessings, and words of joyful creativity and empowerment for all that is to come, for these alone are the quantum activations that inspire and match the vibration of Christed timelines, Christed potentials, and Christed grids of exploration in Oneness and Universal Unity.

Here is our most recent weekly ascension show archive in which we talked about a vision, an experience I had that allowed me to see how my oscillating light from within, can neutralize any fragment, or residue showing itself to me for realignment, recalibration, and loving into a new vibration of potential. We hope you enjoy our heart-felt offerings of Christed love, Christed light, and human collective potential.