Our KCOR show from Saturday September 29

This week’s show explores ‘Healing the Heart of Family’



Hour I ~ Healing the Heart of Family ~ The Cosmic Mother, The Cosmic Father, The Brethren, the Sisterhood

What our holographic lessons of love, forgiveness, and opening within an unconditional loving family for the expansion and evolution of Creation. Anchoring new light programs, new lighted sacred living and aligning with limitless perspectives in the empowerment of our children; arising within their value, importance, uniqueness, and vastness to ignite anew.

Hour II ~ Multi-dimensional Parenting ~ understanding the how the healing of our hearts, our energies that we each walk within, allow for a shift of perspectives and unveiling within the homes. Opening the heart and begin to play, empower, and inspire inner soulful belief that all within the family will find their way, will be loved, will be held in sacred honour. Joanna shares a star family story of unity and eternal Oneness for our musing , our pondering of how we are shifting within an awakening human collective.

Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

KCOR Digital Radio Network

Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.

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