Our KCOR show from Saturday September 1

Hour I, Portals of New, Portals of Love ~

Hour II ~ Special Guests ~ Christine Brusati, Reiki practioner from Mt Shasta,


Hour I, Portals of New, Portals of Love ~

How we welcome in new sacred soul tribe that gather, we offer the communal earthly-human crystalline etheric chamber to heal, to honour, and work within love-light energy, intentions, and Universal expansiveness. Joanna explains, and expresses the potentials we have to co-create anew as we spiral within ‘open intentions of limitless potentials’ and release out-dated paradigms, patterns, and belief systems that hold us in a pattern of ‘treadmill experiences’ that rerun limiting timelines. How we expand within all moments is as simply as opening up to the ALL potential. Creatively, lovingly, excitedly, eternally, and with Divine inner knowing all is well.

We open within new perspectives of our eternal infinite potential to create and how easily it is to shift our reality experience as we center, align, and open to what truly exists within. Joanna walks us through an alignment in visualization of a portal that is a portend of what all now opportunities offer for us to create anew, release limitation, and open to the infinite God within. Such examples of simple intentions, soften the reality of change, and open to the ALL that we are each a part of and co-creating within.

Hour II ~ Joanna offerings the same ‘open’ intention and potentials in how to move into new seasons, new school years, and daily family routines and programs, we have the opportunity to open within it and align within the Christed timelines creative offerings. All moments we are given the opportunity to ‘open’ and align anew. How we perceive all moments will be how our reality unfolds and how softly we are able to communicate and assist our children as they also move through profound change and dynamic times of reality shifts.

Hour II ~ Special Guests ~ Christine Brusati, Reiki practioner from Mt Shasta, talks about the special energy of Mt Shasta and energy revelations in this delightful discussion.

Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

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Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.

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