Multidimensional Parenting & Crystalline Children

Love Love Love ~ In the Grand Scheme ~ We are here to know, learn, be love!


Multi-Dimensional Parenting

Crystalline Children will have their own section to create, chat, and blog, and all of the many years of ascension path work, articles, audio’s, and PDF’s will be uploaded in a library outlay so that any, all, the ALL, can entangle, dance, connect, entangle, and commune within the expansive desire to be our most fullest selves and allow, accept, honour, and truly gift Creation with a love so profound, we heal all wounds that leave us feeling small ~

Creation, Mother Father God ~ All That Is – You matter, you are required, and know that every thought, every word, every deed ripples through the Universe affecting the all; it can either be a pristine thought, word, or deed, or not. All things are vibration – vibration is held within all things and it is from the loving intent that we sewn seeds of glowing God-embers to enliven anew ~

May you always know you are unconditionally loved ~ Our Universe needs you ~
Be love, see love, allow yourself to be loved, open to the doors of Creation ushering you in to something new and unbelievable and let go! Truly a time to celebrate and dance a new dance of love.

Family Ascension & Healing Sessions

Joanna offers now Sessions for Crystalline Children, Youth, and Young Lighted Ones & Family Healing Sessions

These will be 90min., sessions held in a safe and loving space set for sacred sharing, sacred communion, and sacred healing.
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Healing our Human Family ~ New Earth Classes
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Dynamic Emotional Clearing
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