Ascension Series

I am so excited to offer our new monthly master classes in multi-dimensional exploration, expression, and co-creating within our heightened systems;


Divine Song
Weekly Free

Global Meditation

Every Friday
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM MST

ALL ARE Welcome
Ascencion Wisdom Classes 1st Saturday each month
11 AM – 12:00 NOON MST
All Levels
Sacred Toning Classes 1st Saturday each month
1:11 AM – 2:45 PM MST
Intermediate – Mastery
with Joanna
3rd Saturday of every other month
1:11 PM – 2:45 PM MST
All Levels –

– Healing Topics
– Guided Meditation
Multi-Dimensional Temples

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We will be going within dynamics not yet explored, and feel that these will be very aligned within the harmonization of the Akashic wisdoms, temple work, sound healing off world, ancient civilizations, and how to use this NOW here within our awakened human tribe, activated lands and consciousness systems.

We have unique councils and groups with us on these classes and feel the sacred energy swirling around me in this new earth vibration offering. These classes will include an MP4, MP3, and illustrations, alignments, practice exercises, sacred invocations, and more.

Some sacred key concepts will be;
* Exploring, Understanding, and navigating within our multi-dimensional bodies for creatively sacred living, healing, and manifestations
* How the explorations will be entangled within Source Creator, Gaia and her Sacred offerings, and our new Creational playground
* Exploring, Understanding the energetic initiations through the various phases and miracles of grace ~ awakening the Shekinah and using within Sacred living devotion
* Exploring, Understanding the vast multi-verse and how to sense into, feel into, read the soul threadings, communication, and energies one is receiving

  • This is a deep and sacred passion for me dear ones, and I feel very grateful and blessed to bring this forth for those that are ready to take their pathwork within spirit, soul purpose, and higher intellect excitements to a new level.
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Mastery Class Package – 5TH D-Co-Creational
$33.00$55.00 Select options