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Divine Sacred Temple Work

What is Sacred Temple Work?

Sounds, tones, movement, and sacred play. We are understanding more and more that as we expand and move within our Divine excitement, we are gifted with new multi-dimensional wisdoms, skills, and intelligence that we are to use in this profound earthly transformation.

Sound and color play an integral part in new human paradigms that will expand into greater knowledge about inter-dimensional energetic healing, grid healing and activation’s with Gaia and our physical ~ energetic bodies, as well as how we open to higher dimensional communication. High vibrational thought emanations, color projections, light wisdom, and all that we do within the ‘Inner Temple’ is our highest entanglement with spirit, with the Divine. This Heavenly entanglement with sound and tones is also how many higher dimensional realms play, heal, and expand within higher dimensional thought and creation abilities.

In our loving and playful offering, we will explore within unique one-on-one tonal coaching, tonal play, and exploration for those that truly feel excited about expressing their light and spirit frequency in this way. This will also be incorporated in our sacred land events with Gaia as we celebrate and create ceremony with her.

Feedback On Sacred Temple Teachings

  • Hi Joanna,
    I managed to listen to the whole recordings especially the transmissions. It was awesome and powerful !! After the first download of sound and love, my body, fingers and toes started to tingle and I knew they were energies and lights. I observed the sensation ( to assure myself that its real ) and as I do so, I could “really” sense the energy growing stronger and that it wasn’t some random twitching of the skin on the body , hands and legs down to the toes. The energy flowed through my whole body and grew stronger and stronger until I could fully feel its warmth and colour (of pristine white). I closed my eyes to relax into it, and as I do so I see lights like stars running from my hands to the tip of all my fingers! Each and every one of my fingers! my both hands/ palms was imbued with the light/energy! and at the tip of each fingers were stars emanating a very powerful but strong healing lights. The sensations in my both palms were so strong that they felt “numb” due to the overwhelming energy that seems to “fill” the entire palms from inside out!!
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  • While diving into Joanna’s words, I am myself and I am my expansion, I am future and I am past, all at the same time. And in the now, I touch the other dimensions as well. Then I can feel colors, I can sense my way, I can see sound, I can hear my depth! Everything is flowing together, there is so much meaning revealed. I listen the same show many times, feeling intensely at ease and elevated. It is a magically synchronous flow of energies in many realms going on. Inspirations are speaking directly to my heart, they are my voice also. Every time, those words are crossing my own thoughts, they fall together in perfect timing, synchronicity and trust, guiding me to exciting new paths I’ve never experienced before.It is art for my heart, it is soothing for my mind, it is nourishment for my soul, and there is offered so much connection – For me it’s like being with a close friend, but not in one single place. This connection, so supporting and loving, that we again become the poets, that we are: expressing and sharing love, awareness, insights, life and spirit in many new and beautiful ways.
    ~ Corina, UK

  • Hi Joanna I just want to thank you for answering the question I sent you last week on your last show. You are a beautiful person and again I want to thank you for everything that you do as I know it helps me and in helping me I am able to help others. ~Enza from Sydney, Australia.

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