Light Wisdom and Healing Session

“Remote Healing”

Remote healing is a profound way to affect with purity of light and loving intent the benevolence within any one moment.
Remote healing attunes to the Universal truth that the All is energetic, quantum, and malleable within our mastery, our inner purity of loving light, and within atunement to invite, invoke, and create a new shift in reality; this can be done through what we know as remote healing. The intention, prayer, Divine entanglement of energies, love, light, and working within the vibrational fields that we are, that we exist within, and what exists within us each, can and does offer open potential for a shift to occur.

Light, love, blessings and well-wishes offer energetic intent to open a new potential. The rest is upon the free will of those entangled as always has been. For no one person can override the soul expression and experience of another. Light, love, and Divine blessings and well-wishes can be offered to enhance, support, uplift, and honour any path in however it may be walked; and unconditional Divine alignment is done in this remote healing offering.

If you, or someone you know, group or collective; (Dolphins, children, government, hospitals, wildlife) is in need of a Divine and Heavenly prayer, light, love, and energies of Source, for healing, for gifting and blessings, then send in the full name of the person requiring this energetic gift. A candle will be lit with lighted intentions through soft Divine Sacred Heart prayers will be done on behalf of the person named for 7 days for 15mins each day.

* These sessions are the offering of Divine essence to their fields and multi-dimensional bodies to soften within a new experience of healing potential, inner knowing, and Universal Oneness in service to the benevolence of the All, in alignment with the light programs through Source.

* Also know that any loving prayer and well-wishes that you send out, hold within, and offer to thyself and all others is also a blessing and gift of open play within Creation. We are moving within greater subtleties of living light, and we each create the ripple of loving change.