Special Offering

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Special Offering


Eclipse Summer Sacred Communion

This event has passed. There are recordings from the live event available here

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    Joanna Ross is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Eclipse Summer Sacred Communion

    Meetings details and special audio and video offerings available after checkout

    These are special offerings of a recent July 2018, personal meditation-channel that Joanna does in her own sacred space inquiring about the transformation experiences she moves through so that she is able to assist others in their path; way showers, conduits, and channels assist in paving the way vibrationally, experientially, so that others will have greater awareness and excitement in the daily unfolding of the profound experiences that we all move through in anchoring Christed light realities.

    Joanna offers through her own experience of an Akashic clearing about the release and healing of a vibrational imprint of ‘being seen’ for her gifts when viewing (as a visionary) into 2 con-current lifetimes when it was not safe to be seen, express freely and move into the authentic sharing of All that you are. It is ‘safe’ now to move in liberation of the new ascending experience.

    Joanna taps into the shifting of reality experiences that will include for some the human-galactic mastery and sensing their way into new phases and life experiences upon a newly shifting grid potential. Introductions to a more open and cosmic experience upon ascending Gaia.

    To assist with the costs of creating these special events, MP3 and MP4 co-creations, administration, and sacred library resources, weekly radio fee’s, please feel free to offer forth what you are excited to share.  Eclipse Zoom Price; $11.11CDN or icon to donate; $25.00, $50.00, $100. 

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