Sacred Light Language & Divine Toning

Sacred Light Language & Divine Toning

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Sacred Light Language & Divine Toning

December 9th 2018
1:11pm MST
90 minutes
(mp3 of event included)

For those that feel the heart-felt excitement to explore, practice, express, and experience the alchemic joy in our Christed gifts known as sacred sound and tone.

 Joanna will offer an introduction within the ‘now’ ascension energies and channel within the Heavenly Councils about sacred sounds, tones, and the multi-dimensional language of love that this may include, embed, and enliven within the multi-dimensional bodies.

These sessions will be expansive, fun, and sacredly moving within the bodies of light and matter. These sessions will be brought forth for the purity and joy of inspiring and empowering you more deeply within your own sacred gifts, your sacred tools and blessings bestowed for a path of Divine Sacred Living and share or express in whatever way or manner you are so excited to.

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