Mastery Class Package – 5TH D-Co-Creational

Mastery Class Package – 5TH D-Co-Creational


5TH-Dimensional Co-Creational Package

You can purchase now this Master class as a package, downloadable immediately after purchase.  Package includes video and audio and graphic

Joanna takes us on a wonderful and expansive ride through the vast gifts and honoring of the journey of humanity and ascension, universal belonging and Source reunification.


Our elegant bodies will be awakening through various new systems of light, love, and coding so that we have all that we need to work within new consciousness templates; new timeline of 5th-dimensional co-creations. These teachings thread and weave the bodies, the operating systems, the planetary, galactic, and Universal energies that we are calling in and threading new with new higher vibrational beginnings,

Joanna outlines each major category of system of light and love that is affecting us, as we awaken and co-create within these systems; Gaia Consciousness systems, Source-Omni Present = galactic, planetary ascension plans, Universal and so on, then the collective and individual consciousness system and why we move through what we move through and how powerful and Divine our souls lessons, transmutations, and challenges; body, earth, Universe-Omni presence and why these are so key to manifest in full creative alignment within the Christic grids, agreements, and collective needs.


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