Lunar Eclipse Recording

Lunar Eclipse Recording


Live Recording of online Lunar Eclipse Gathering

You receive 2 files: A 90 minute Video file and a 90 minutes Audio file

Join us for this special and powerful multi-dimensional Divine Sacred Communion as we open into the new earthly energies that inspire each of us to release, self-honour, and embrace sacred living. Joanna taps into the moment-to-moment ascension energies that cause a myriad of symptoms that humanity has never experienced, and how our home, our temple, is the living life of Source breath that we all swim within.
These sessions are high vibrational and allow for those that so desire, to energetically attune and thus then, so too do our teams, higher selves, and Heavenly councils of all dimensions to also thread with us and align in a new Divine physical reality and release the systems, the treadmill of ‘old’ cycles and step into, slip into a new rung vibrationally through your purity of intent and surrender to love and honour thyself. This session was co-created with many others all over the planet, Gaia, inner earth and Mt Shasta councils of light on July 27, 2018, the full lunar eclipse, and longest one of our century. There are no accidents why we are being aligned and offered such Divine encodations of human potential. Namaste,

To make it possible for everyone to aquire these special audio/video files we allow three different contribution levels. Please choose the contribution most appropriate for you. Thank you.

After completed purchase you will be immediately able to download your audio and video file.


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