Global Sacred Soul Tribe Gathering

Global Sacred Soul Tribe Gathering


Global Sacred Soul Tribe Gathering – Event  Passed

As move within greater awareness of our earthly and planetary Oneness, we gather in sacred joy to anchor and invite our celestial families, inner plane energies, masters and Christ Collective beings and Arch Angels, all supporting our union, reunion, and the preparing of the fields of play for galactic, earthly, cosmic Oneness.

Join us in this special self-love, self-honour initiation in which the love of All that we are, opens and invites a new level of entanglement and Oneness within Gaia, honouring of our human family, empowering and honouring of ALL children, Creation, and with our celestial teams. Feel into the harmony, the peace, the Divine Oneness and unity that IS our new dawning of human ascension.

October 10th 2018
at 5:55pm MDT
90 min
(mp3 of event included)

We will align in Oneness, harmony, peace, and the power of our Christhood, our humanness, our cosmic hearts healing this Divine human experience. We are ONE ~ Join us in this Oneness ceremony and activation.

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