Divine OmniPresence Gateway & Source Alignment – Past Event


Divine OmniPresence Gateway…  This Event Past

November 11 2018
5:55pm MST
90 minutes
(mp3 of event included)


We will align within our sacred soul tribe etherized gathering and inspire through a new alignment through our 13 chakras, our alignment in our earthly soul blueprints and feel into our Pure alignment with Source within.

Knowing, sensing, feeling what this is is the Divine shift that alchemically honours your Heavenly promise to yourself and to Creation in exploration of your most loving expansive self.

Join us in these Divine experiences of Heavenly-human-earthly co-creations as we dance within the elegance of a refined Source essence within. For you are the perfection of Source.

And so it is.

November 11th 2018
at 5:55pm MST
90 min
(mp3 of event included)

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