Divine Mother & Goddess Embodiment ~ Recordings

Divine Mother & Goddess Embodiment ~ Recordings


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Divine Mother Embodiment Classes

from February 7th-14th

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    Descriptions from daily classes and initiations;

    Day 1 – Invoking the acknowledgement of Oneness within the Divine Mother – Father, and sacred seed of Divine Feminine, Goddess, Mother within and intention to bring forth for healing, activation, and moving within new energies of 5th dimensional living, co-creating, mastering within new balanced sacred honoring

    Day 2 – Invoking the ‘Affect within the All’ ~ how we affect the all when in alignment of our greatness; Divine Goddess compassionate and pure loving heart, the sacred gifts, beauties, and purities of Life Force within these gifts

    Day 3 – Invoking the ‘Alchemy of Love’ – Unconditional love of spirit within, the Christic energies within the water bodies; DNA, Chakra, and water body, and within All That Is water and life; Source, using these in deep intent, heartfelt honor to activate anew depth and richness in the soul’s journey for wholeness, Oneness, Unity Consciousness In 5th dimensional living

    Day 4 –  Invoking the ‘Foundations of Unconditional Love’ ~ #4 – Gaia energies and our interactions, entanglements, joys, and Oneness with Gaia, the Holy Mother, Father, Child & familial energies and anchoring to new 5th dimensional co-creations

    Day 5 – Invoking the ‘Change & Humanity’– how we manifest the miracles of Gaia, through Gaia, the Heart and beauty of Gaia, mind, heart, and the infinite joy; heart, mind, body, spirit, soul; and how we affect, change, ignite the Oneness with crystalline grids, and all consciousness within and without of Gaia

    Day 6 – Invoking ‘Harmony & Inner Peace’ for the essential energies of allowing, receiving, and full Christic receivership; the state of being that is pure in presence, allowing, and receiving of unconditional love and joy with Source, as Source; harmonized fully in balance; Divine Male, Divine Female; the blessings within the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies of this Heavenly Receivership

    Day 7 – Invoking ‘The Mastery within The Divine Goddess Mother’ energy of true inner self-empowerment; this day was by far the most powerful day; we used each day to add unto itself with Christic energies adding to the next; culminations of each daily musing, reflections, expanding within the whole-self, honoring the sacred Divine feminine voice, power, and love of all life, and

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