FAMILY Sessions


Family Ascencion & Healing Sessions

Crystalline Children, Youth, and Young Lighted Ones &
These will be 90min., sessions held in a safe and loving space set for sacred sharing, sacred communion, and sacred healing in which topics of intent to transcend, heal, and breakthrough will be brought forth by the client, family, and an energy portal of loving sacred intent set to call in those teams, beings, and our own co-creative wisdoms to assist in aligning with highest and best and Divine will to serve the All.

These sessions can pull forward deep seeded sub-conscious fears, lack of self, and energetic blocks that can be placed within the circle for Divine Mastery to view from a perspective in which guidance to move through and beyond, creating heightened self-empowerment to know why we create the fears, understanding the healing of the Akash, and allowing for the re-balancing of the multi-dimensional bodies to occur. In all sessions we provide the teachings of the multi-dimensional Divine Inner Temple of Light, and how to navigate through earthly changes, transformations, and cues and inspirations to create heightened frequency alignments to a more positive and self-loving way of creating self-sacred relationship within and with All Creation.

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