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Intuitive Healing Sessions with Joanna is a high-energy alignment session brimming with inspirational wisdom, Universal foresight, and a personal energetic overview to begin the process of healing and transformation.  All of Joanna’s Universal offerings are inspired to empower one into a grander state of ‘self-knowing,’ ‘self-clarity,’ and a more uplifting entanglement with Creation.

These sessions invokes a greater alignment with ones soul blueprint and introduces the engagement of loving connection with the current celestial team and spirit guides responsible at the time of the reading. This entanglement serves in many ways; to inspire newly heightened engagement and path work between the client and their soul calling, empower true Divine self-honor and sacred communion with spirit in the myriad of forms that exist.

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  • Session Details

    There is a profound array of multi-dimensional life and consciousness that dance with us in every way, and we are now awakening to share, co-create, and entangle with all that Source offers. These sessions, firstly serve to empower and educate the client in how to unveil the limitless potentials that exist within, and that are unfurling to those who so desire to walk the path of the awakened and illuminated galactic human in these highly transformative times.

    Joanna holds intention and focus with your energy field to explore and entangle with your teams, and thus bringing forth the most direct and pressing issues and potentials for alignment, clearing, and resolve. In communication with your celestial team, which are most often your spirit guides, celestial teams, Arch Angels, 12th Dimensional Christ Collective, Universal collectives, and many other beings from a myriad of dimensional frequencies, and in a myriad of physical and non-physical forms.

    Joanna has honed her skills to entangle with many multi-dimensional collectives that benevolently serve God’s Divine plan for evolution and loving growth. This session offers 90mins. of loving emanations and healing encodings and frequency adjustments done by your teams, and that move through Joanna during the session. This session is a co-creative process that guides and entangles with the clients teams to invoke refinement, energetic shifts and modifications to the personal energy field and the physical vessel grids. These energetic shifts occur to realign you with your highest and best and healing of what is most important and relevant at the time.

    Energetic healing is oftentimes very subtle, but if you create focus to your vessel and how you feel, you will sense the shifts and subtleties that not only can occur within the appointment, but also can move with you over the duration of a few days, or weeks. These healing sessions may include; prayer, invocations to release and ignite alignment and heightened passion with purpose, energetic movement as inspired from ancient temple work, and loving spoken word from higher frequencies to create and inspire greater fluidity of the dynamic Universal energy that we are now collectively embedded within as an ascending collective family.

    Joanna is the conduit for preparing and opening the energetic pathway to your energy field, Higher Self, and teams by holding your full name as resonance, and then moves into a high frequency meditation and channel. Joanna prepares the intuitive healing session in a channeled written form, while pulling upon her skills to hear, see, and know the energy being downloaded at the time of the healing and written session.

    Her goal is to empower each person to leave with greater clarity and knowingness to create the platform and intuitive play to interpret multi-dimensional wisdom and information, and then to expand in ones ability to read and discern symbolism and energetic inter-play. Remember, all intuitive work, or readings are the sensing of the energy in the moment, so that we can align with our most heart-felt intent to shift vibrational threads that can then ignite new reality experiences and potentials.

    All of Joanna’s offerings are recorded for your ascension path work and you are inspired to ask questions and seek clarifications to assist you in the overall mind, body, spirit, and Universal unification of spiraling light and love being offered to all life.

    Joanna’s soul blueprint offering and greatest excitement, is to assist in the unification unfolding between humanity and the greater cosmic family. Our multi-dimensional family exists within a myriad of life forms, and at every level, and our next evolutionary step will be to get comfortable with this initialization of conscious contact. Joanna is infinitely inspired by the eternal self-discovery and unveiling of God’s majesty within all life experiences, and she passionately shares, ignites, and threads God-spark healing frequencies and emanations in all sessions of Divine communion and entanglement.

  • How To Prepare

    How to prepare for a Private Intuitive Healing Session
    What you put in is what you get out. The energetic potentials and outcomes are always based on how one moves into their own session. It is key to create an open and loving heart space of trust, allowance, and desire to entangle and you will receive the greatest level of pertinent information that can assist in shifting perspectives, truths, and beliefs about the current energy frequency.

  • Health Disclaimer

    Health Disclaimer; If you have concern or hesitation about any physical, emotional, or psychological aspect of your daily experience, it is imperative that you seek appropriate professional medical advice, as we do not claim to be the replacement of this or any other health and wellness care or prescription. These sessions are high frequency in nature, and therefore, if you feel hesitant or unsure, then the Universe and your team will ensure you find what you need and from whom you receive it.

  • More

    All sessions are the result of a co-creative entanglement between God, Creation, the client, and the most pertinent teams required at the time of the reading. As you change and shift, so too do your guides and teams, and therefore, there is a constant turn-around of beings working with you and helping you on your path of illumination. Because of the frequencies that Joanna inspires to entangle with in each session, clients most often are deeply moved by the loving energies and energetic work that has been aligned with through the clients Higher Self.

    The entanglement between our ascending vessels, the Higher Self, our heightened environment, our teams, galactic celestial alignments, and Universal Source offerings, is affecting the refined body and sensory system, so it is key to drink plenty of water before and after the session as well as nurturing yourself in a loving and accepting way. Allow for a lot of rest before and after the healing, aligning with the new frequency threads of intention. Sometimes it is natural to feel tired and restless while the healing is in session due to the heightened frequencies and energies coming through Joanna, and it is normal to yawn and even nod off during the session. If you are in a loving and open state, then you will receive exactly what your Higher self needs for you to receive.
    Joanna and the Universal energies that she entangles with, also offer monthly classes, global webinars, and live events for those who so desire a more intimate healing, informative, and transformative soul group gatherings. If you so desire, connect with our Global Tele-Class page here;


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Feedback From Our Clients

  • Someone just called to mention that she had a session with you in the past, and the session went really super amazing.

    She has been taking several sessions with healers, but your session was the most powerful…






  • As I continue to allow this energy to flow through me, my body was swaying gently. Suddenly and very spontaneously I started to sing — tonal sound which grew stronger and deeper,
    ….. the singing went on for quite a while, grew louder and stronger ( I was glad there wasn’t any one else in the house with me!) While I was singing happily and joyously, a beam of white light ( very warm ) beamed down from above my head through into my crown chakra flowing into my heart center. Simultaneously, a circle of light encircled my whole body, arms and limbs — while I still have the “stars” energy beaming at the tip of my fingers. I felt enveloped with love and light, angels fluttering around me. And I could also feel other beings all around me!
    As it progresses, I felt and knew that I am being healed in many ways !! all my akashic past which do not serve me anymore were being healed !~!
    The energy was very strong and powerful, but at the same time warm and loving — I could feel it ( the energy) penetrating deep down into the core of my every single bones;
    and I knew at that instance that I was a Priestess; and that all my powers of a priestess/shaman ( of past life or in my multi- dimensional existence) are re-ignited, restored – awakened!! I felt immense joy and happiness! I am able to use these new “powers” to heal others and myself!
    I remained in this state of being embraced and wrapped in the divine energy of love and light until the end of the session!
    Thank yo so much Joanna!
    Looking forward to the next session!
    Love and light to you and all our brothers and sisters.

    Suzanne Continued
  • Hi Joanna,
    I managed to listen to the whole recordings especially the transmissions. It was awesome and powerful !! After the first download of sound and love, my body, fingers and toes started to tingle and I knew they were energies and lights. I observed the sensation ( to assure myself that its real ) and as I do so, I could “really” sense the energy growing stronger and that it wasn’t some random twitching of the skin on the body , hands and legs down to the toes. The energy flowed through my whole body and grew stronger and stronger until I could fully feel its warmth and colour (of pristine white). I closed my eyes to relax into it, and as I do so I see lights like stars running from my hands to the tip of all my fingers! Each and every one of my fingers! my both hands/ palms was imbued with the light/energy! and at the tip of each fingers were stars emanating a very powerful but strong healing lights. The sensations in my both palms were so strong that they felt “numb” due to the overwhelming energy that seems to “fill” the entire palms from inside out!!
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  • While diving into Joanna’s words, I am myself and I am my expansion, I am future and I am past, all at the same time. And in the now, I touch the other dimensions as well. Then I can feel colors, I can sense my way, I can see sound, I can hear my depth! Everything is flowing together, there is so much meaning revealed. I listen the same show many times, feeling intensely at ease and elevated. It is a magically synchronous flow of energies in many realms going on. Inspirations are speaking directly to my heart, they are my voice also. Every time, those words are crossing my own thoughts, they fall together in perfect timing, synchronicity and trust, guiding me to exciting new paths I’ve never experienced before.It is art for my heart, it is soothing for my mind, it is nourishment for my soul, and there is offered so much connection – For me it’s like being with a close friend, but not in one single place. This connection, so supporting and loving, that we again become the poets, that we are: expressing and sharing love, awareness, insights, life and spirit in many new and beautiful ways.
    ~ Corina, UK

  • Hi Joanna I just want to thank you for answering the question I sent you last week on your last show. You are a beautiful person and again I want to thank you for everything that you do as I know it helps me and in helping me I am able to help others. ~Enza from Sydney, Australia.

  • Hello to you all, Joanna, Tina and all the beings who collaborate in making this magic happen. Every time I connect, my being is transported to somewhere that my conscious mind does not yet understand. Much love, much light, and many, many, Thanks.
    ~From Gavin in Madrid, Spain

  • I have been listening to this radio show for a year and even had the opportunity to talk to Joanna a couple of times. For everyone listening I want you to know how beautiful and meaningful my existence on Gaia now is thanks to this lovely light embodied in human form. Joanna has even appeared in my dreams helping me. I am now moving to a dream home on an island and all those pains and insecurites hindering me are seeing the light and solutions are appearing on all fronts. On behalf of myself and everyone that benefits of my heightened state of mind, I thank you Joanna. To all of you listening I encourage you to see how much of a goldmine this woman’s wisdom, insight and genuinely love for everyone truly is. I thank you all for contributing to Gaia on her ascension. ~ Carl

  • ​Dear Joanna & Divine Star Councils, I was deeply touched by your sharing on Sat. When you spoke I felt the embrace of the entire cosmos and hear multiple symphonies playing as one song … and weaving in and out of my body and audience as well. I look forward to touching the lives of the multitudes myself in the near future with my special alchemy. I thank the divine every day for meeting you in this life time, again for my life is starting to unfold and flow in the direction of my highest soul yearnings. In appreciation for all that has been given, Star

  • ​For the past several years, I have searched the globe,, hired countless healers, and guru’s to help facilitate my fractured aspects to no avail. Spending thousands of dollars to elevate my long term suffering and put into perspective my cosmic experiences. Today, I am humbled beyond words for the Universe, delivered, an astute fine tuned instrument as a remedy and mentor in life. Joanna Ross a Divine Conduit , connected, aligned with my, “Unified Field of Possibilities” and streamed coherent answers to perplexing questions and concerns with ease. Only, a true, Heart Centered Master is capable of such magnifience, unconditional love and compassion. My heart felt appreciation to Joanna Ross a New Earth Ambassador and Master Teacher and the Star Councils for their Signature Divination System and Personal Divine Blueprint for a New Life on the New Earth. Love the Worlds of Light, Beyond, Forever,  Star Langford

  • I so much thank YOU and SPIRIT for such a lovely and powerful session. Very enlightening in so many profound ways and, it was also very encouraging to hear the messages from my Celestial Team -for their words I am deeply grateful. I felt the energies moving and transforming as you spoke, and a deeper space within me opened up which has allowed me to connect with parts of myself that needed to be loved, accepted and healed. I have listened to the recordings several times since our session, and every time something new “clicks” and so the transformation continues. Thank you for your divine light and love; you are a wonderful gift from the universe!! I hope the above lines are helpful and… I mean every word I said. Love and light always,  ~Marcia

  • I​ will always treasure my personal session with Joanna. This session provided me the inspiration and energy to take the nest steps towards my ascension. I am joyed to find a platform through UU to examine, with my team, the possibilities and futures for us all. Working with Joanna and my team has opened up my life as multidimensional being. I am looking forward to being of service to this movement. Much Love!  ~Paul

  • Here is my feedback of our session and I hope it inspires someone. I am okay with using my first name on my comment of the session. “It was a profound session. Joanna was very thorough, and I felt comfortable asking questions. The session was infused with love and I could see and feel the presence of powerful and loving energy. I learned a couple of important new health issues that I am following up now, and I am given some names to work with. Every time I replay the session, I hear something new! After the session, I felt empowered and gained much needed new perspective on my life and my journey.  ~Sonhui

  • Hi Dear Joanna! When I booked the reading with you I didn’t know what to expect, but I was so excited to meet you in person. What happened next blew my mind. There is so much going on in my life and so many questions need to be answered. I needed someone to help me and that was you beautiful woman, knowing all the answers, giving me messages from my team, and guiding me what to do next. Please make sure that I understand and have courage in my journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Thank you so much for everything. I am so blessed to have You in my life. I hope I have a chance to talk to you soon. Lots of love, Natalya

  • I have been searching, learning and integrating for many years. A year ago, I think I would have said “I got it!”. And then slowly old patterns began to emerge and huge amounts of fear started to take over my thinking and emotions. Then serendipitously this summer I met Joanna. I went for a private intuitive session with her recently. So much information and explanations and so much healing! And I have so many new ‘tools’ to work with now. As a test today, I heard the fearful news report of the day and I did not experience fear for myself. Joanna is such a gift to us that desire to recalibrate, heal, contribute our gifts and just have fun in life. ~slm

  • I feel the most feelings of importance, beauty, validity, peace & so much more than ever before in my life. Thank you for validating my life. I hope youknow how much this means to me Joanna!!  ~Jalva Eakins

  • Really awesome, you and the guest speakers! Absolutely fabulous! The talks were perfect in timing, expression, conveyance of everything you were talking about. So great! Thank You!  ~Ashley Williams

  • This experience was filled with so much love, just like the blogs and Facebook posts I subscribe to. Joanna is an open vessel with a pure willingness to allow higher consciousness to flow through her. She orchestrates on all levels, communicating with our multi-dimensional selves. Whether I am listening to her Ustream or Blog Talk Radio, there is always an information download–and the downloads I received at the Symposium were profound! Thank you for a truly enlightening experience! I look forward to upcoming events. ~Rilee

  • What an exciting, beautiful, and powerful experience! The First Contact Symposium with Joanna at Universal Unity was such a magical blending of people and information–it was amazing to be in a room with people of similar vibrations and intentions for the expansion of our individual selves, humanity, and Gaia. Joanna and her team filled the experience with so much love and enlightenment. I cannot wait for events and programs to come! Thank you so much! ~Sarah

  • Hi Joanna, I wanted to say Thank You so much for coming. You got absolutely wonderful feedback, with everybody saying “She is so great, isn’t she?” They lingered for almost an hour after you left, enjoying the energy so much. You set the bar high and touch people deeply. Thank you for the crystals as well, I will cherish them. Much Love and Light, — Diana Constable

  • Joanna is an open channel with information flowing right through her! She has so much precise wisdom to share! When I walked into the workshop space, the first feeling was of beauty and peace. Joanna created a space of love in every part of that room and beyond – each table had crystals and a gift for each and every ONE of us. Her open, giving heart radiated everywhere. Then there’s all the knowledge and wisdom she prepared so thoughtfully and to top it off she’s giving us a free video clip of the Symposium so we can keep integrating all of it in our own time. I look forward to reading her book when it’s out! She has a story to share and help all of us on our path to being our 5th dimensional selves. Yesssssss! Thank you Joanna! You are pure light!  ~Rhonda Ann Clarke

  • It is not easy for me to put into words what I am experiencing – but hope this might help others. xoxo sharon

  • Hi Joanna and thank you again. The last 2-3 days since we had our reading have been very special. My thrust in my intuition has risen to a very satisfying level and just yesterday i could help my sister with a long term problem just by listening to my inner guide. I have already seen many more miracles taking place and i feel my vibration has reached a new level. In short, my life feels great at the moment and I am very excited to help other humans on my way. I really am exited for the future and I would love to be of service to you as well. I would want to leave feedback but i could not find exactly where i was supposed to type that in. With much love and light, Carl Henrik.

  • I do have to tell you there is something so magical about how you write and how you talk even, I loved this article and love listening to you on your shows! I am so very much looking forward to this Saturday and will review the last email you sent me on how to prepare for it.  Thank you Joanna! It’s such an interesting process, two months ago I had no idea this even existed really but now I feel so in tuned  and I’ve been growing more each day. I’m so excited for the connection!  ~Samantha