Our KCOR show from Saturday October 6

This week’s show explores ‘The Beauty Unveils’

We go far and wide within multi-dimensional parenting, healing the heart of family, and giving Thanks for our teams, our celestial families that we have for eons been veiled to remember and know as ONE.
Awakening in the hearts of those that are ready ~
Blessings and graceful THANKS,
Joanna L Ross



Hour I ~ Divine Cosmic Mother and how we are collectively moving within a rebirth, the discomfort through rebirth, and how all challenges and change allow us Divine mastery and grow within. Hour I Joanna gives a colouring of a recent vision of the Divine Cosmic Mother and how we are in our own ways through our spiritual healing journeys, the archetype of Mother Father, Son, Daughter, in that we allow ourselves to step within the mastery, courage, boldness to create, offer, heal, honour, hold space, in the way that is collective required to heal the heart of family in which we lift and hold dear those that even create, cause, or entangle in ways that feel challenging, friction, or discontent within the family circle.

We are entering into a Divine Cosmic rebirth in which the Cosmic Mother is ushering within her unconditional embrace to open our Divine Sacred Hearts and know we belong within the greater cosmic family, Universal family, and thus then altering the earthly playing fields for generations to follow.

Hour II ~ Multi-Dimensional Parenting, Honouring, creating, and Lifting of the Divine Sacred Child ~ How are we shifting our perspective to align with the Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness within, our grids, and their innate ability to lift us in their liberation. For our children come into this world with vast knowledge and wisdom and we are opening with grand Christed alignment to offer such playing fields for a Divine co-Creations not yet seen or experienced here.

How may we shift our perspective about responsibility as parents, ambassadors of higher light programs, wisdoms, and Christed open, liberated creative play? How may we shift our Divine Sacred Hearts to see, perceive, act, honour all beings as aspects of Heavenly Source and creative genius? How may we open and forgive, heal thyself first for all of this to flow from the center of your being? These are the profound journeys of the Divine One Human Heart and our adventure in love-light Creation.


Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

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