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Threading within the Grander Love Story for Creation ~ Re-balancing and Healing the Heart of Family




* Healing the Divine Universal Child
A reunion within all aspects; heightened perspectives of who we are, what we exist within, what exists within us to re-write the love story of who we are and what we are able to create, know, be.

* We perceive our Allness, within the new opening within; Divine Sacred Allowance, Divine Sacred Unconditional Acceptance, all Universal vibrations of the Christ, the Universal Christos energies we are here to heal, soften, and soak within.

* Joanna offers an ancient Lemurian Mother and Son vision she was offered, and a vision from the Divine Source Creator within the Cave of Creation and how this is a unique harmonic song to each aspect of life, for the sustenance of evolution and creational play.

We are in the most profound times of human history; we are re-writing the blessings of our reality experience, of our healing, of our triumphs and joys of being Heavenly human participants.

Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

KCOR Digital Radio Network

Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.

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