Good morning dear lighted ones,
Here is our KCOR show from Saturday May 5

‘Divine Sacred Relationship’

~ Awakening to the Depth & Richness of Mastery within Consciousness
Threading a new deeper essence within, so a new reality without is created, manifested, designed by you, through you, for you. Awaken and deepen the joy of the God within.

Joanna guides us through an expansive blessing of our Sacred Relationship
with ourselves and the re-discovery of the God Within and how utterly
entangled we are within the All and why living Sacredly is the portal to
creating a light field reality of choice, of mastery, and within the
child-like manner that release resistance, and opens you within Divine
receptivity, Divine flow, and allowing Creation to live through you.
Join Joanna and the many etheric consciousness collectives, beings, and
groups of our human family threading within Creation, to ignite the God
within in a new Christed unveiling upon crystalline Christed grids.

We are embarking upon new ground dear lighted ones, in which all sacred
soul tribe gather, co-create, and manifest like no other human lifetime
before. You are the master of your reality consciousness.

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With heartfelt love and joy,

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