Stepping Into the Unknown
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
Creating & Manifestation of Miracles

Weekly Ascension Universal Offering
Universal Love & Light Wisdom

We offer ourselves manifestations in physical form in Divine timing, vibrational readiness, and all entirely linked and threaded within the soul blueprint through which we evolve, so that we are able to consciously choose in our own innate and unique mastery, to heighten within choice, behaviour, and actions into new template co-creations.

Miracles are not limited to the unfolding of a physical manifestation. Miracles are all aspects of the God-self, entangling in heart-felt awareness and intent and begins in the moment one intends to live in heart-focussed compassionate action. Miracles are the ever-moving, ever-evolving breath of God that touches us in a myriad of multi-dimensional ways in the moment we acknowledge ourselves within It. A song, a sound, a colour, a vibrational memory being brought forward to heal, or the laughter of a child that opens the heart to receive the gift to which it was offered; all are the coalescing of God particles, God intention, God moments and the interweaving within the All that we can choose to ride within, and catalyze to live through us in new and Christed dynamic ways.

We, as humans, have defined miracles to unfold and end when the physical manifestation has served us. However, there is no end to the creative breath that is God, that is love, that is You, and so too is that the same dance that miracles unveil within. Miracles are the catalyzed loving inner knowing that God is at work, at play, and in joy within those moments we awaken within It. This realization can be felt, it is the Godly recognition and is vibrational in its appeal to stir us from the density through which we have slept within, thinking and perceiving miracles were gifts to the special few and in times of life or death situations. Miracles are the ever-flowing gifting of love that seamlessly coalesces in quantum form to be put to intent-filled delight as we ignite within it. The omni-presence is a bedding of unmanifest miracles and we are the masters to alchemically bring forth all that we are to have each loving blessings live through us in the infinite and limitless way that miracles can.

If we perceive ourselves through the infinite hearts and eyes of God, of Creation; we can then begin to feel into the limitless potentials that is our new earthly reality through birthed through us. This in essence is how we entrain our multi-dimensional whole selves to live as the expectation of an ever-unfolding miracle and flow within the Divine breath of the infinite.

We can choose to acknowledge that we are in fact Divine and Heavenly miracles; breathed by loving adoration through the heart and mind of Source. Our Divinely God essence is within, and in human form we manifest all reality experiences. We have been sent forth to co-create as the masters that we are; in the image of God, we are Heavenly co-creators and in all new remembrances of this, we align with our Christed potentiality. We have free will to entrain our vessels to receive, to transmute, to decipher, multi-dimensional information that can assist in our expansive journeys of exploration. Most of these evolutionary shifts can live through us without our conscious awareness, however, the delight and joy comes within our awakening within our ever-evolving states of Godliness and thus choosing how to co-create within it.

Through our temple of light that ever shifts with as we lovingly command it into heightened states of being; our expanded loving thoughts, Divine inner knowing’s, dynamic musings and surrender into the unknown, we can shift our rigid limited beliefs to more open, limitless, and miraculous in resonance that kisses us at every stage and phase of self-loving acceptance and child-like joy that offer ourselves. Such sacred actions allow us to create Christed dimensional realities that awaken us into attunement of the miracles that already exist within all things, in all beings, and in all moments; living through us and in our opening to receive ourselves in miraculous interplay with God.

Limitless perspectives, entraining ourselves in Christed thought, in Christed alignment with unconditional loving potentials that we are the creators of such majesty and can allow it to live through us in our purity of surrender and inner knowing that we are worthy of this way of harmonic living.

As promised, I am adding the supplement of the etheric chamber wisdoms, insights, and offerings that we did not get to in our live ascension show offering with KCOR. Presented herein;


Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

We welcome the miracles of you; as you open to channel us, we open to channel you. We are co-creating a vibrational portal through which we are offering your vibration in this communion to the All through us. Envision a spiralling portal and perhaps you conceive yourself in body, mind, spirit at one end of the portal, the receiver, and us, a collective of beings at the other, or at any vibrational (location) within the spiral. We are channeling you in our groups, in our collectives coalescing in our classes, in our etheric-physical temples, communions, as you channel us. If there are those that require a vibrational translation, they may attune, entangle, and converge as you, the conduit, may do in your reality for your collective.

We channel you and at any now moment that one desires; and this now may open the wisdom and information to be held within the experience for what is needed by them. (meaning that the weekly ascension show that we entangle within globally, Universally etherically is available in any now moment and always just beginning for the needs of that being intended it to be transmitted)


Etheric Collective Wisdoms ~ Miracles

Miracles are the ability to clip into a resonance of being limitless. Slip streaming, quantum jumping, choosing, intending, behaving in new ways to back up, to garner the inner knowing and resonance that entrain your multi-dimensional bodies, Divine Inner Temple to that which you desire to co-create within and receive. Believing is seeing. Quantum sight, see what you desire, visualize, imagine and bring to life through your knowing, belief, acting as if you are, it is, and your reality very quickly will mirror to you this resonance of intent. Step outside of the norm; create anew, outside the box of human habits, reaching within Divinely your innate genius and through a pure open-heart, living in love with thyself, all things, all beings. And so it is.


Etheric Chamber ‘I AM Affirmation’

I am a portal of love-light.
I am miraculous, spectacular, radiant of Divine essence and co-creative joy.
I radiate wonderment, joy, and excitement into the unknown.
I am open, I receive in whatever manner miracles may unveil.
I AM THAT I AM. I AM the Miracle of God-light, God-love.


13th Dimensional Telios

A collective consciousness as you perceive miracles within is somewhat the omni-bedding; all new, all now, all things, all moments, and in unmanifested form, we as humans see miracles, or moreover experience miracles most often as something in a physical manifestation. Walking into the unknown, is as this, the vibration of limitless potential and miraculous unfolding’s are already here, now. You choose, you perceive, and what miracles are based on is purely your awareness and acknowledgement, and surrender within the All.

If you are embodying a perspective that is held within the resonance of limitation, the reality experience will follow. You choose, with pure intent, how your reality unfolds, and how you dance within it.

All consciousness is miraculous. All moments can be alchemically brought into manifestation by your consciousness, purity of will, intent, and Divine excitement in Creational exploration; thus, will shift the perspectives to ever-heightened states of being, reality co-creation, and Divine receptivity. You are the eternal miracle breathed by God; life becomes this, as one acknowledges and lives in this state of resonance. And so it is.

We are over-joyed in this sacred communion and sharing.

Joanna’s notes; In this channel experience, as mentioned in our live KCOR weekly ascension show; link found here for podcast June 9th, 2018;
In my multi-dimensional excitement and co-creations of refinements and recalibrations, when I receive downloads, or etheric communications from councils or groups, I am oftentimes shown, gifted sounds, or simply an inner knowing of information sent as immediate vibrational stories through which I have no previous recognition of, or way of describing, and why oftentimes, I am caught in moments of great pause, emotion, and aliveness that go beyond human words and definitions.
These vibrational Universal downloads are stories are threaded and gifted from and within so many beings that we are our families, our celestial teams in dynamic galactic councils and peace coalitions, transition stations, and other cosmic soul groups.

In this Pleiadian Emissary channel, I was gifted a vision of a similar setting, yet held in nature, in which there were adult conduits, the ambassadors of empowering Christed exploration; and there were children, hybrid and Pleiadian children sitting and gathering on the grass, nature floor to listen to us, as if in their planetary sacred etheric-physical gathering mirroring our weekly ascension offering. This brought great joy and aliveness to my heart.

These children were in great joy and celebration of our co-creations and how so many of us walk with Divine loving intent to shift perspectives through what we know to be true within of how we may step beyond our human comfort zone and create anew; an entirely new lighted Christed paradigm is created within every moment that we each choose to perceive anew, act within heightened expanded potentials and allow all children to be empowered, inspired, and offered a platform of liberated play that ignites the Christed inner knowing that all children come forth with.

This channel was dearly poignant and allowed me to feel, to see, to know that our consistent devoted contributions to loving and soft creative offerings and co-creations to every system and infrastructure that limits the potential of our human Divinity. I was deeply moved, deeply blessed, and grateful for this experience that was truly miraculous in its offering and unfolding within our weekly global sacred soul tribe sharing.

Thank you to all those that gather, that commune, that pray with gentle and soft hearts and a pure intent to love, live in compassion, and know the All is One, the One is the All, and in this, we are ever contributing to our own evolution and reunification with Creation.

May you all know your Divine eternal radiance of God within. May you all create and walk in wonderment of such miraculous sparks of love within, for every miracle is you awakening yourself within it.

Blessings and great light,

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