Lions Gate Sacred Event – 8.8. 2018

Welcome to this special ‘Lions Gate ~ Diamond Heart Sanctuary Crystalline City Anchoring event; as we commune, gather, explore, within our Sacred space of the new Diamond Heart Sanctuary;  Gaia exploration, Creational Universal entanglement, consciousness awakening to new human paradigm levels and softening to a new earthly potential.

We will explore ceremony with Gaia, Christed Consciousness within nature, channeled sacred communions, sacred family and multi-dimensional parenting, sacred living& relationship with Self & Creation, sacred gardening, community gardening, first contact and crystalline children wellness and joy topics.


I am offering those truly inspired and ignited to gather and celebrate in communion in new ways; this will be offering less than 33 tickets to register ~ those seeking deeper communion with Source~self, Gaia, sacred living, wellness & family sacred soul tribe alignments, light field & crystalline cities of light will be anchored, toning and light wisdom exploration, light language explored, sunrise meditation and Source heart activation, lightship gazing (optional) for those that are excited to gaze into the night in celebration of our Universal Christed Oneness.

Diamond Heart Sanctuary – Learn more about this special place

* August 08/2018
* Fresh vegetarian, vegan light meals & Gaia ceremony, exploration, and tonal, vibrational channeled communion and sacred co-creating.

* Cost $67.00 p/person, p/day (or $125.00 CDN for both days)

* August 8th – Description ~ (2:00pm-6:00pm) Crystalline City and Christed grid anchoring within the Lions Gate energy, dinner, channeled Etheric Chamber entanglement, meditation & alignment, communion, sharing, family fun activities, free time, sunset meditation, tea and coffee, evening snack, lightship gazing 10:00pm-12:00midnight,

* August 9th – 1:00pm-4:30pm Meditation and initiation to crystalline joy, fresh vegetarian and vegan lunch, sacred circle sharing, channeled toning activities, sacred community gardening, and Gaia speak session, all energetic topics geared to Sacred living, Sacred family relationship and entanglement with Creation, movement and intuitive sacred play

Registration will follow in our next newsletter. A list of local lodging, hotels will be included as well as pick up times for a group charter to reduce footprint of transportation on the property.

This will be a very intuitively flowing offering and in -the-moment communions with Gaia, Universal energies, and vibrational offerings for re-alignment, initiation, and Divine Sacred play. Sacred gathering, sacred intentions, initiations and anchoring new paradigms of human potentiation will be our foundation to swim within and support, honour, and radiate through the loving envelope of Gaia and our sanctuary. All will be held outside communing with Gaia.

Children are welcome and will be no charge!

This offering is set with the intention of Divine Sacred Soul Tribe Christed world servers, light workers, parents, and healers that are smiling in their hearts as you read this. Trust your inner knowing and excitement. We are so grateful to offer our blessings in this sacred unity & Oneness celebration and in anchoring the Crystalline Cities of Light at our human temple location, Diamond Heart Sanctuary.

Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross


August 8/9th
Calgary – Bragg Creek
Cost – 67.00$ CDN p/day or $125.00 for both days p/person
* Children are free
Diamond Heart Sanctuary of Love~Light