Here is our KCOR show from Saturday June 9


Manifestation of Miracles

~ A higher expansive perspective of what miracles truly are and how we are the crucible within the center of it. miracles are the ever-flowing love-light of all that we are, and our sign-post of the energy vibration, Divine worthiness, and potentials that we each, ALL, are in our birthright of acknowledgement and awareness in Christed Creator-hood.
~ Our weekly entanglement and engagement with Gaia, nature, wildlife imagery to awaken the crystalline grids and energy quantum webbing that we exist within, thus then activating the cellular, molecular, multi-dimensional ways in which we are able to entangle, weave, and thread ourselves within the All, and the ongoing conversation of love-light that is constantly taking place.
~ A surprise channel entanglement from a Pleiadian collective of children with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and how we expand our perspective that as we gather every week and sit to engage within an etheric remote quantum temple, so too do many other collectives in their meeting, gathering, and engaging to channel us.
How Divine this incredible journey is and may we each walk and own our own unique light to step into a new phase that is completely and entirely ‘outside the box’ and into the unknown of a Christed light field of dynamic harmonic sacred play.


Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

KCOR Digital Radio Network

Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.

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