Here is our KCOR show from Saturday June 23

‘Creating Outside the Box’

Breaking down the fundamental understanding about 1.) who we are, 2.) what we exist within, 3.) what exists within us and why this inner seeking, understanding, and awakening into will allow for each person to move about their dynamic path and how this will also be key for those desiring to tap into ‘Outside the Box’ manifestations, creations, and co-creations to a new earthly human paradigm for inner healing, earthly rebalancing – human rebalancing, and assisting our children understand how dynamic they are.

How one perceives themselves to be, how limitless and creative one is to create, to entangle within the All, and how we are quantumly sewn and threaded within All things. This is why we are holographic sacred geometry and can use this in our exploration of new healing techniques within other tools that Gaia, nature, and our consciousness will offer us in future now moments.

Hour II ~ Gaia entanglement and exploration to better understanding the richness and depth to our entwinement and how we can use these entanglements to expand within our cosmic skills, gifts, earthly shamanic potential. We are gaining great insight and awareness to our deepening connectedness, our limitless consciousness potentials that we are enabling ourselves to further heighten, radiate, and illuminate with loving and compassionate choices that offer ourselves to be the masters always perfect and ever-evolving within new love-light cycles.

Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness Hosted by Joanna Ross

KCOR Digital Radio Network

Boarding for 5th Dimensional New Earth, tune in, step up as we tap into new earth topics such as; preparing for conscious first contact, lightship engagement, personal and planetary ascension, enhancing multi-dimensional communication, creating new earth paradigms, unleashing your 5th dimensional potential as move through these profoundly accelerated times upon Gaia.

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