Tips, Hints, Wisdoms On Igniting Divine Sacred Living ~ Self-Care

Living a Divinely ‘Sacredly’ life means that one must create, carve, and initiate self-care time. Self-care time is truly showing the multi-dimensional whole self that you are listening to its cues, its needs, its desires, its yearnings, for these are the Higher Self, the Soul Self ushering you into anew.
These are the stirrings of the soul, soul threadings, to your grander, vast soul self, the consciousness map of you and this requires time, energy, devotion, care, honouring, nurturance, and love to re-balance and heal all that has been to resurrect anew.

These are the foundations of ascension in human form, and thus then we heal the All of the Soul that is living through us, integrating through us, being healed through us and our awareness of this, our initiation and activation of ‘calling forth’ the Divinity within is the God awakening, the Christed essence of our majestic light-body. The fully awake, sacred, and honoured Christed self. Pure love, pure care, pure compassion to thyself, through thyself to the All, for the All, as you are; the ALL.
Blessings and great heart-felt joy in your Divine self-care,

May your new moon ignite anew.