Family of Light

Welcome Universal Family of Light

We are so happy to connect with you in this way and know this will be the start of something truly incredible.

It is time dear lighted ones,

We have been talking about this since our inception into offering an ascension Universal platform years ago and I am taking the next step!
In grand Universal support, and know there are many that can resonate, it is time to include our youth, our delightful lighted children into the arena of light and awareness of light in every way ~ in our Sacred Temples of Light monthly classes, we will be exploring more about why inclusivity in all ways is so important to our continued evolution and the wellness of our children. Many of us have incarnated into this earthly frequency with vibrations, encoding, and soul contracts with the spirited intent to assist in a myriad of ways with these incredible global and galactic transformations, and have been challenged in this same way to feel welcome or at home in a world paradigm that offers little discussion and exploration with our multi-dimensional existence.