Return Of The Sacred Human

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There were many offerings multi-dimensionally that are offered in these sacred communions and sacred gatherings, and much is new to me as it lives through me; why there will be moments of pause, or allowance, for the encodation’s, vibrational to flow within the ALL that we are all co-creating within.

Our topic today was ‘Return of the Sacred Human’ and what truly ‘sacredness’ is, feels, means to our ever-shifting and eternal unfolding and our journey within this is our remembrance, our reckoning of who we are; the ALL that we are AS GOD essence.

To truly release all limitations that placed us anywhere, any level or vibration that was not sacred, or simply perfect, each rebirth, each acknowledgement, letting go, forgiveness, and allowance, we step within new light quotient vibrations of our Godliness; this is ever eternal, ever moving, ever traversing, ever embodying our Godliness.

This month of April has the resonance of ‘Thanksgiving and in this, we harmonize within our sacredness.’ The teams of the Heavenly Councils wanted us to softly muse about ‘Thanksgiving and the Divine Human Sacredness and how this is our rebirth, our sewing of new seeds, new becomings, new transitionings within our embrace of our Godliness. So how may we each walk forth, sit in silence, presence, and feel into, with a Divinely open and soft heart; ‘Thanksgiving & Sacredness?’

Join us next Friday; It’s Free ~ Register Here