Hi Joanna,
I managed to listen to the whole recordings especially the transmissions. It was awesome and powerful !! After the first download of sound and love, my body, fingers and toes started to tingle and I knew they were energies and lights. I observed the sensation ( to assure myself that its real ) and as I do so, I could “really” sense the energy growing stronger and that it wasn’t some random twitching of the skin on the body , hands and legs down to the toes. The energy flowed through my whole body and grew stronger and stronger until I could fully feel its warmth and colour (of pristine white). I closed my eyes to relax into it, and as I do so I see lights like stars running from my hands to the tip of all my fingers! Each and every one of my fingers! my both hands/ palms was imbued with the light/energy! and at the tip of each fingers were stars emanating a very powerful but strong healing lights. The sensations in my both palms were so strong that they felt “numb” due to the overwhelming energy that seems to “fill” the entire palms from inside out!!

As I continue to allow this energy to flow through me, my body was swaying gently. Suddenly and very spontaneously I started to sing — tonal sound which grew stronger and deeper,
….. the singing went on for quite a while, grew louder and stronger ( I was glad there wasn’t any one else in the house with me!) While I was singing happily and joyously, a beam of white light ( very warm ) beamed down from above my head through into my crown chakra flowing into my heart center. Simultaneously, a circle of light encircled my whole body, arms and limbs — while I still have the “stars” energy beaming at the tip of my fingers. I felt enveloped with love and light, angels fluttering around me. And I could also feel other beings all around me!
As it progresses, I felt and knew that I am being healed in many ways !! all my akashic past which do not serve me anymore were being healed !~!
The energy was very strong and powerful, but at the same time warm and loving — I could feel it ( the energy) penetrating deep down into the core of my every single bones;
and I knew at that instance that I was a Priestess; and that all my powers of a priestess/shaman ( of past life or in my multi- dimensional existence) are re-ignited, restored – awakened!! I felt immense joy and happiness! I am able to use these new “powers” to heal others and myself!
I remained in this state of being embraced and wrapped in the divine energy of love and light until the end of the session!
Thank yo so much Joanna!
Looking forward to the next session!
Love and light to you and all our brothers and sisters.