Fall  Equinox 2018

Sunday September 23, 2018

Join Joanna in this ‘Divine Soulful Fall-Ing In Love Celebration’

Joanna will attune to the Heavenly councils, collectives, Arch Angels, and the myriad of Higher Selves for those listening and tuning in, joining the sacred soul tribe, and those who desire to purchase the class and listen via MP3 at later dates. We are releasing our limiting concepts of time, and feeling the eternal link and threading that we always have within our intentions, heart-felt presence to co-create in a One Human Heart creation; therefore, you will be fully present and aligned as you desire and intend.

This gathering will also be focussing on our galactic teams, ground crew, lightship engagement, and first contact potentials, preparations, that most are undoubtedly feeling within. We will dive within Heavenly love, soulful contracts and shifts within them, surrendering within your destiny of inner joy, updates and current collective potentials, and much more.

This sacred soul tribe gathering will offer channeled wisdom, Source Creator alignments within the Christed grids, and a soul group sharing and Q&A.

Join us for this and many other SACRED SOUL TRIBE offerings of our Divine Cosmic Heavenly Oneness.

Blessings and graceful Joy,


~ These sacred soul tribe gatherings are high vibrational in nature and are gifted as not only sacred communion and sharing, but those attending may also feel the innate healing and adjustments before, during, and after such entanglements, Joanna usually moves within cosmic-galactic Light Language and tonal singing, vibrational offering throughout these events