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Topic: Divine Human Value ~ A Universal Truth



Topic: Divine Human Value ~ A Universal Truth

We discussed the awakening many are experiencing within unity consciousness and how this invokes and deepens self-love, self-honour, and what will continue to come forth within our society are the imbalances we have created from old paradigms of separation, limitation, and the devaluing of who we are. Can we open within the potential that all beings, all life, all children and all those that stand before us are the grand gesture of love of Source Creator, and if we hold this within our co-creative engagements, will this offer to us a deepening of our vastness and Oneness held within it ALL.

We are valued and holographically, if we are able to own this, claim this, honour this, live sacredly with this essence, we can open within the flow of Source and heal the collective heart of separation and lack.

We are stepping within the most profound human co-creative time and this allows for us to center within the purity of love, purity of reverence and gratitude for that which we are and always have been; The Divine Human Value ~ truly a Universal Truth


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