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Healing the Mental body ~ A Sacred Temple Event

Healing the Mental body ~ A Sacred Temple Event $22.00

May 11, 2020

Time; 2:22pm MST - 3:33pm MST

Price ~ $22.00 USD


Healing The Mental Body

Join us for this class, healing, and activation with our Heavenly Councils, healing teams, the angelic temples held multi-dimensionally for our collective and soul healing; understand the beliefs and triggers and how to work with your soul, higher self for your deepest and highest positive joys of what you were meant to explore, express and experience. 
This class will include light language and sound activations to clear away the densities and offer tips, techniques for working at home through self-care honouring to truly rise above old dense paradigms; we will do a clearing ceremony at the end of our sacred time together and call in the highest beings with Source; Holy Mother and Father, Heavenly families to assist us in this re-alignment and re-calibration.
This will inspire you to be the master of your innate soul song and feel more confident in the self-care and healing required to transcend the beliefs and patterns of less than.  
Bring plenty of water, and wear comfortable clothes,
Coloured water for colour healing, and any crystals to work with.
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