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You are A Powerful Creator

5th D Co-Creations

How threaded and expansive, infinite, and eternal are you?


Have you ever wondered how vast and profound you are? Are you challenged in seeing, experiencing, and co-creating in a perspective that IS Infinite?

Perceive anew.

Light Language and Ascension Teachings

This vibrational intention is to activate and arise within new vibrational energies of our crystalline grid, Gaia consciousness, nature spirits, the Elohim and Christ Consciousness collectives, Councils of Light, that you may also call in as you open your heart to heal, to soothe, to play with Source Creator as Source Creator.

Know that whatever you may be going through, moving through, love is your strength and permission to allow all that is good, beautiful and Divine live through you.

These are high vibrational offerings, and will and does affect the whole multi-dimensional self, and therefore, take time for self reflection and self-love and honour of such Divine entanglement.

Join Joanna for this weekly self-care, self-love, communion, prayer, and alignment intention. In the highest and greater good, calling in all Universal energies and support, to help massage sacred sound, sacred intention and healing for your own beautiful 'rising from the ashes' in whatever manner you so desire to create anew.

These are beautiful new and inspiring high vibrational offerings that one can practice in working with the multi-dimensional quantum fields of love and light, intention, and sacred sound.

Know that your teams, Higher Self, soul, are with you, through your intention, opening, and allowing you can shift what is ready as you activate this. 

Through the infinite fields of light, love, and intelligence our purity can align us in a new level of manifestation, exploration, and 5th-dimensional co-creations; that are inspired by sacred intent, sound, tones, rising above vibrational currents.  Sacred ancient light language and intentions of Source fields to Gaia fields and perceiving the 'most high' in our children and collective to birth anew.

If this offering used sacred sounds, tones, and / or sacred light language will activate and shift energies readied, in Divine timing by the Higher Self, soul, and teams. Drink plenty of water and intend prior to after the healing. Allow your soul and teams to shift what is necessary and needed.

We are inspiring anew; the unseen, the unknown, the undefinable, and we simply must begin; somehow, someway, to reach up, out, and allow the majesty, the magic to live through us.

For those that so desire, we are happy to accept generous offerings, statements of love and donations through PayPal and comments, please also like, share and join our community



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