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Blessings of Sacred Resonance ~ Vibrations Living in 5th Dimensional

Joanna takes us on a journey of Divine entanglement and the Heavenly Councils to create a new awakening and inspiration of living within a new 5th dimensional heart-centred potential that IS the creation of 5th dimensional realities. The many epiphanies that we journey through our souls song in remembrance of our sacredness, the sacredness of all life, of all love, and living from this Divine platform of allowance, acceptance, intention and co-creation in which Source and infinite love is our foundation, our cornerstone to greater life and light programs. The children collective is a cornerstone awakening us to set new platforms of sacredness; belonging, value, and inner self-worth so that our earthly journeys be not that which has been, but built within new standards of self-love and Divine sacred resonance. And so it is, Every aspect of life, every being, every level of life, Creation is Sacred, and how may we live within this Divine truth for new beginnings, new levels of holding thyself and all else sacredly? Living within the ceremony and celebration of the love that IS Source and you sewn within ALL beings, all moments, all things; a truly sacred unfolding. Blessings and much grace,


For those that so desire to offer a donation, gift, or offering; our PayPal is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for us to continue and reshape our offerings, private intuitive healing, readings, and ascension books; we look forward to our entanglement and connection;

Join us every Friday at 9:00am MST for these special global sessions of human celebration and love-light sacred gatherings.

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Blessings and joy, Joanna

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