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Solstice Celebration ~ Meditation, Toning, Light Language & Channel

These are high harmonic vibrational offerings and will, can, assist in the re-patterning of out-dated vibrations, blocks, and energies held within the multi-dimensional bodies. It is key to drink plenty of water and ground in all harmonic, toning, and light language offerings so that you can open, allow, and honour the codes, the light, the dynamic play of quantum entanglement that your soul, higher self are assisting with to shift with ease and beauty. Grounding and spending time with Gaia, anchoring with our planet is also key. As these are quantum and multi-dimensional; there can and will be new experiences in every new time you choose to garner the vibration of these offerings within the etheric chamber and Heavenly Councils, teams, and Divine energies we work within and are threaded within at all moments. Join us for this very special communion, sacred gathering with the Divine and Heavenly Councils to bring forth the paths of the Heavenly human, the paths we have each walked, the entanglement within the All and how our own self-love, self-honour, and appreciation, will and can open a portal to grander NOW presence for new reality experiences. The profundity of stillness, Sacredness within, and how to deepen our connection, threadedness with Source and pure Divine love within. These are Divinely sacred and profound times of accelerations, how may we always sit within gratitude and self-honour, value, to shift the vibrations of a new designing earth in which the greater good, the All, are served. Celebrate what has been, All that you have moved through dear ones you are profoundly bold and courageous to heal and step forth in the unknown and joy of the Creators blessings. For those that so desire, if you feel inspired to help and honour resources, our donation ID is; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are forever and deeply grateful for all offerings of heart-felt appreciation. We are infinite particles of love and light, playing and co-creating within fields of Source. Be of good cheer and joy, for Source and the infinite is within. Time 1:17:07 Blessings and light, Joanna

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