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The Sacred Four - Human-Heavenly Preciousness

This is a channeled offering and sacred teaching about the vibrations of human evolution into living as 'sacred'

and precious beings of light, human-form, and limitless within the vastness of the new creative fields that we are all sensing and knowing exists.

How may we harmonize our whole-soul essence, into greater love, acceptance, and allowance as we perceive all that we are, all that we exist within and what exists within us, as the sacred and precious energies, sons-daughter, seeds of joy that we are, and how this, allows for the healing, the mastery-practice of new vibrational realities to be offered forth.

Perceiving our world, our ways of behaving, in new ways and offering these vibrations, in sacred play, in small yet profoundly life altering ways moment-for-moment.  How may you muse about perceiving into the innate, the natural birthright of your grace, your preciousness, your sacred essence of love that is Source-You in co-Creation?

Joanna offers her own version of new dimensional platforms blueprint for practice;

The Sacred Four vibrational platforms of -perceiving, practicing, behaving that allow you to move through the fluidity of new dimensional experience.

At each new vibrational stage of re-birth, our souls, the Creator, offer up new levels of experience for us each to practice and behave within allow us to further garner new confidence, self-knowing, self-loving, self-creative play. These are the heirarchies that have been presented in many of our audio - radio offerings. As we practice, master, initiate ourselves within, we step forth anew in grander fields of dynamic and vibration.

Why the understanding of our wholeness, our multi-dimensional bodies; mental, emotional, physical, etheric, and how to master the opening within by loving, accepting, and loving the ego-mind into a new perspective of soulful living as the grander Source-soul self.

1.) Divine Integrity - based on previous cycles of experience, vibration, truths, values, morals --> allowing one to feel and stand within higher vibrational inner truth, inner knowing = confidence and clarity 

2.) Divine Discernment - the perceiving of multi-dimensional energies as one opens into the soul essence which is within the ALL. In the perceiving of a wide array of energies, at all levels, based on what any one person is vibrating at in any one moment, it requires that we re-establish greater Divine Integrity, greater Divine Discernment, to choose in wisdom and benevolence for the ALL, which energies, and direction of power can and should be used. Why practice, and allowing one to play within the greater fields of vibration in pure loving compassion, forgiveness, and honouring the ability to choose with higher knowing what will serve the greater good based on the Oneness, Source-Oneness, and unity perspective of Sacredness and Universal truths and laws. 

3.) Divine Compassion and Love ~ held in the unconditional vibration in which every new dimensional level will be filtered through our relationships and daily interactions within the seen and unseen what we prefer and what we do not, and how to truly move about life, in co-creative mode with an unconditional heart. Giving and receiving with the alignment of Source as our fluid entanglement and Oneness. Helping co-create new higher vibrational communities that are intrinsically based within the foundations of loving care, sharing, harmony, kindness and the betterment of the All involved with utter awareness and entanglement with our planet and all life systems within it. 

4.) Divine Creative Sacred Play - the human-Creational evolutionary code of ever-outstretching of light, sacred joy, preciousness within our actions, within ourselves, as was purely and simply the very essence and offering at life's first moment from Source Creator. In alignment with these energies, within these vibrational templates; one can bring forth, call forth, and begin to muse and playfully sojourn in the highest and most reverent experiences of sacred grace. For creative sacred play is the energy of our most beloved innocent child up-liftment that we are each here to heal, and offer to every child, to every new moment in our Heavenly-human unveiling and Divine remembrance.  As we do, we will offer new platforms of vibration and experience for all future generations, and all children for our past transgressions and limitations that require rebalancing. 

Thank you and enjoy our offerings and know that these are high harmonic and tonal, light language offerings, which means that those that are Divinely ready will and may experience activations, and smoothing out as intended by you, through you, with your healing teams, higher selves, and souls councils. One can further intend upon these teachings as one feels excited to and play as so guided; drink plenty of water, be sure to entangle and play with Gaia to assist in the integration and anchoring of the higher vibrational tones and light codes. 

Blessings and Divine gratitude for your heart, your light, and your sacred joy,




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