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Universal Tarot Reading ~ Gaia Speak and Healing the Heart of Family tarot energies June 8th-17th

Joanna takes us within the sacred energies of joy and grace bringing forth new channeled wisdoms about the energy and vibration of 'grace' and true inner 'power' through the Christic vibrations and Source alignment. How we may perceive the most expansive energies for ourselves and begin living new vibrational realities in self-love, self-honour, and loving grace as was blessed in our Divine birthing within all realities from Source. How may we begin to set the vibration of our every expanding ways of living and introducing ascension within our every day life and our families healing and moving into the unknown? All that we are is unwritten and we are profound creators in this Divine experiment and evolution into Universal and Source reunion and we have choice to live sacredly in all moments and bring our entire collective potentials blessed in doing so. Enjoy our tarot energies and sacred weekly gathering of our soul tribe, sacred sharing, sharing communities of new earth circles transcending beyond what was, and uplifting one another every step of the way as we each live powerfully and authentically in our Divine elegant truth.

We go live every Friday at 9:00am MST

Join us next Friday; It's Free ~ Register Here

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