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Sacred Embodiment ~ Healing the Heart of Family

Joanna takes us on a sacred journey of expanding, healing, activating the vibration of 'Divine Sacredness' through the relationships within all moments; expand what you know to be true about All that you are, what exists within you and what you exist within as the 'RELATIONSHIP with the Creator' and thyself in all moments, and why this new expansive offering of sacred relationships, sacred living, sacred vibrations are the crucible for healing of the heart of thyself, heart of Creation, of the family, and of the collective human family and why this is so pivotal to our next phase for galactic - Universal integration. Open, allow, honour, embrace thyself as 'sacred' and all that is blessed within this for you, each of you, will unfold in kind; And so it is. Enjoy our Divine sacred blessings and gifts, blessings,and honour the blessed ones with you on the journey; we are One, we are sacred LOVE. xo In graceful joy and appreciation, Joanna

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