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Sacred Ceremony of Human Divine Vastness

Joanna steps up within a new vibrational offering; in a unique and energetic offering, we step into the healing temple of 'ceremony' with higher dimensional Lemurian Preistesses, and many Heavenly Councils that envelope with sacred song, ceremony as the Holy Mother Father step forth through us and offer a crystalline golden beehive of remembrance, activation in our vastness, our perfection of our ALLNESS, and how we are entangling as Source, in human form; the rebirth of our Divine child within, and step within new vast playgrounds of the ALL.

To play within the ALL, we must accept, acknowledge that we are a part of this; we are the ALL.

To be offered the vast perfection; through visualizations of Divine golden colours, hues, and textures, from the Source Creator to allow us golden reflections of our vast potentials and purity in love, purity in joy, purity of the human form we walk within.

For it is time to perceive, to know, to be the ALL that is Source; and release the smallness we have held in this understanding; that Source, not outside, or unattainable held beyond what has yet to tasked or illuminated; but always a spark of perfection in this NOW moment. 

Play within the grandness of perfection that is the ALL, new cosmic playground, new cosmic light and love held in unity and harmony to co-create and commune within Creation for you; always offered, as you acknowledge yourself a part of It, It will always be offered.

These are multi-dimensional offerings through sound, sacred tones, and light language, and will be within the intention one holds, the appropriate activations, healings, and releases for each person held in perfection within the higher self and soul and teams that serve and work with us.  Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest during these dynamic times of joy.

Blessings and joy


are far more powerful and highly resonating than we believe to be true and how we create a new inner knowing of our Oneness with the purity of love; as was blessed in our first incarnation upon all realms with and through Source Creator.

Joanna takes us on a powerful visualization and sacred temple healing, activation within a new rebirth and repatterning of the out-dated beliefs and DNA ready to lighten within our new limitless potentials.

There are many vibrational offerings here; sacred toning, song, and Christic vibrations within the stories, that transcend time-space and material experiences, so you will receive exactly what is necessary and exactly when you are ready for each shift and upliftment. 

Trust your path, trust your teams and Higher Self, Trust Source within.

Enjoy and be in grace of this Divine Heavenly garden of love that we are all co-creating.

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