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The Importance of Heart Presence

Joanna taps into the multi-dimensional Universe, Gaia, and councils and groups and brings forth ascension topics, alignments, and vibrational activations to work deeply within the water body, fields, and DNA, and song through sacred sound, light language, and Universal love working through her, in evolutionary joyful presence. Topics; how heart presence is so key to healing humanity, healing Akash, and the vibrations for alchemic shifts, creating loving and cognizant wisdoms upon the words we offer, carry, and how this can create and continue separation, or allow through open Divine Oneness. We can still maintain and co-create Divine self-empowerment, and know what we desire to co-create with, and with whom, and do so in a loving and compassionate Oneness vibration, and allow for out-dated separative fears and energies that do create at a subtle level, to be released and transformed. We can choose at a heart level to stand in ones truth, and serve our own soul mission without wedging negative vibrations of separation or dissension.


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