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Shadow Healing ~ Sacredness of the Soul


5th Dimensional Ascension Topics; The Healing Process ~ Within Cycles of Human Evolution there are loving and gentle ways to heal through releases, soul fragment and shadow unification work. * Healing, Triggers, Akashic Lifetimes, imbalances through the multi-dimensional bodies; mental, emotional, etheric, and physical, sacredness and honour of all life through our continued awakening, processing the lessons, blessings, and expansiveness found within every cycle of healing and integration. * Soulful Living, the Soul's Truth - the Song with Source and living in 'unconditional love & unconditional trust' and aligning with a 5th dimensional human - Universal omni-present experience * How to move through great earthly, human-galactic Oneness when so much appears in shadows - healing - coming to light; we can send love, send God-child/Source child Oneness to ALL; regardless of what appears, we are all Source and this awareness and awakening that can help tremendously for the ALL and collective loving shifts - not that condoning disrespectful behaviour, but through forgiveness, all will be healed in the Divine manner that it can be. * Understanding and opening to a new perspective upon 'shadow work' and how the same juxtaposition within shadow work ~ separation, limitation, and in the

healing in the process and cycles are the light and joy of love and Oneness. * Joanna brings a soft, authentic and practical approach to 're-phrase' the words we use to serve us in higher vibrational ways that will benefit our personal and collective healing; to understand the transmutations of who we are particle-by-particle and valuing this; the ALL, heals and transcends so many paradigms in need of our unique and honoured appreciation to process. Joanna offers a new and expanded way that we can lean into, value, honour, open within sacredness as we are awakening; the cycles of ascension, the healing cycle, how to perceive the benefits, and allowances of 'triggers' and mastery within the 'pings' that awaken us to deep self-love, self-honour, self-respect and value of the ALL within you, within the collective, other timelines, and galaxies, being healed through this Divinely and profoundly elegant process of living in soulful song with Source, as Source.

We are accelerating in every way; how may we open to higher vibrational understandings, perspectives, of our cycles, the earthly - Gaia offerings, and Source as we live as One, the elegant dance and blessings held within IT.


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