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Join Joanna in this special New Years eve message, inspirations, and key points for mastery practice for the Divine co-creations within a new 5th dimensional reality. Tapping into the celebrations for what has been, honouring and appreciation of what has been, valuing the traditions and taking away what we can build, expand, and bless into anew; to know that every challenge, every hurdle, and all that is seemingly a 'block' is the very shadow that will allow your mastery and majesty to unveil. Topics; perspective, appreciation, gratitude for the journey, gratitude for the Akash and how it lends to our mastery, new 5th dimensional co-creating, crystalline children and sensing through varying coping mechanisms in healing, and igniting the joy of tarot to activate Gaia and symbolic wisdoms. Blessings and sacred playful joy in our new 2020 - the decade of loving care and peace. You are all things, all light, All That Is.

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