A Heartfelt Welcome to our Young Friends!

We are so exited and happy to invite to our ‘Children of Light Section’. We are looking forward to hear from you, your thoughts and ideas and to share ours with you.

This is just the beginning! Eventually, in the very near future you can have your own blog, here on the Universal Light website, and can communicate with other children, post and express yourself to the world.

Here is what you can do already Right Now!

You can send us, work of art, like paintings, pictures, poems, stories and we will feature them with your name. We will send you a link where your art is posted and you can share this with all your friends and family.

Before you start!

Please ask your parents to give you the permission to participate and us to post your submission. You work belongs to you and you will always own the copyright to any original work you subimt to this website.

We hope, you are as exited as we are! Let’s get started!

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