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Multi-Dimensional Portals ~ Human-Heavenly Co-Creations

Joanna takes us on another ride of vibrational joy, Christic stories of human transformation as we become ever more aware of our transitioning human experience; awakening within the vastness and colour of our fields within, without, and how we may be inspired to create anew. Healing our bodies, healing Gaia, and how these new sensings and sacred living will thereby vibrationally assist in our co-creation of higher dimensional fields of exploration and sacred play. Source Creator and the Divine Heavenly Councils attune our value of the human vessel, the human journey through which we release the limitation and density of what thought ourselves to be through the transcension of separation, and reunion with Source Creator, our reunion with Gaia, our Reunion with our Universal Allness; how healing, how exciting, and how Divine this exploration and sacred experience truly is.

Enjoy our weekly sacred ascension offerings;

June 21, 2018


Summer Solstice 2018

Greetings Dear lighted ones,

Have you been feeling the profound shifts of soulful union within? These shifts occur gradually and are the union of the Soulful aspects of you into a version that is ready, excited, and choosing to step forth into the unknown, outside the box, and up within a version of you through your own unique design of Christed acceptance.

These past 6 months have been perhaps the most challenging for me. The greater awareness and awakened whole self is, the greater mastery it requires to focus the mind, focus the harmonization between all parts, and walk the path of commitment and devotion to the love that is within. That means that every belief, every imagining, every thought form that bleeds through even from the collective perspective and societal threads will come forth to be harmonized to a higher resolve as you as the master weaver of light. This is our role now masters of Christed joy; the eternal weavers of love-light and with compassionate action, we all bring our unique gifts and skills that have been Universally tested within many star systems, many worlds, and many forms we have taken.

You have these profound multi-dimensional gifts, wisdoms, and Divine essence of God within you, and in the most silent of moments as you commune with Creation, this Christed joy will reverberate through you in honour of all that you have walked, designed, created, and mastered through the eons of Source Creator experience.

These truly are the best of times; for it is not, nor has it ever been the ‘end state’ that has thrilled each of us to come forth and experience density again and again, it is always within the moments of Creational cycles, the push and the pull of mastery that shows how love, creativity, and sheer will can bring about the most glorious of Heavenly blessings. We are a Divinely Sourced human family of Universal love light, and in this special summer solstice, I excitedly anchored this into our Diamond Heart Sanctuary.

As I sit atop the special mountain, nestled within countless birch trees and summer insects moving delicately about their Creational blueprint, I was over-come with profound inner peace and wellness the new frequencies that were also present to softly initiate me, the land, the intent, the opening of the centre temple of love-light exploration. The sounds of Gaia, the inner gifting of her love, the inner play that she ushers each of us to come forth and create like no other, is our portal to new worldly experiences and co-creations. These moments remind you of the many ancient, ancient tribal discoveries now ready to be re-awakened in Christed unity throughout our earthly world. We each have experienced such ancient civilizations, and many we have no names for but can be recognized to the heightened experiences within many Lemurian, Atlantian, Ancient Andean, and Pheonician lifetimes that honoured Gaia and her spirited love offerings as an entangled and harmonized gift from Source.

This profound gift of a planetary body, with infinite groups, councils of dimensional consciousness is a blessing, and all that Gaia is as a Mother Spirit, a Divine landscape to offer forth is the unique portal through which a new light consciousness in human form takes place as a heightened civilization in a new story. Gaia is our birthing place. Gaia is the delicate womb in which we are all birthed anew and blooming anew. This summer solstice is unique and quite different. For it can allow those that so desire to sense their innate mastery of light in the most heightened and expansive way that has never been felt or known to this point in human history and it is birthed through our remembrance of harmonization with the heart of Gaia. She is the galactic planetary essence ushering us all into a new webbing of unknown and how all of our manifestations, all of our Divinely God breath occurs through her, of her, and with her blessing of joy as we ride a new Universal wave of inner knowing. We have forgotten through the many challenges and shifts in this earthly transition that Gaia is our Christed landscape and Heavenly portal through which all manifestations take place. She is our Heavenly planetary body that was chosen, that was prepared over the eons to serve a heightened civilization in awakened states to create, to entangle, to joyfully celebrate and bring forth what is in the heart of Source through our own unique sacred way of living. This dear ones is profound. This dear ones, is fresh, delightfully pure of love, and richly elegant for a human to truly open within their Divine Sacred Heart and honour oneself within; for this is new.

In this profound summer solstice celebration, it is within our hearts that Gaia beats; for she is us and we are her. It is within the breathing of our earth, our soils, our tree’s, our flowers that bloom in the colours in which we experience them, and this is the essence through which the God within creates for the outer experience to takes form. You are a Christed being of light and within all breath, know this inner pulse is Gaia, God, Creation breathing with you. You are a dynamic being of multi-dimensional form, potential, and this is a new dawn.

By your love-light you will be known; Amen, Amen, Amen.

Blessings and profound Gaia gratitude,

Stepping Into the Unknown
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Creating & Manifestation of Miracles

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We offer ourselves manifestations in physical form in Divine timing, vibrational readiness, and all entirely linked and threaded within the soul blueprint through which we evolve, so that we are able to consciously choose in our own innate and unique mastery, to heighten within choice, behaviour, and actions into new template co-creations. (more…)

March 19, 2018

The Eternal Loving Truth

Good morning dear lighted ones,

You are vision of light, a movement of light, an expression of love, for in this there is truth, a Universal Divine Christed truth that so many are now awakening to.
This eternal and infinite truth is the essence of God, a movement of essence, if It can be described is within words we have yet to create, inspire, and speak, for It is, the All is, the movement, the coalescing, the entanglement, the observation, explorations, and expression of is undeniable and indescribable.
The embodiment of the Profound soulful movement of you, is the enrapture of love within itself, for you are the note, the song, the lyric, and the movement, and ALL that we exist within becomes an ever moving and malleable song of love within the grander song of Creation.

God particles, God notes, God letters, God encodations, God inspirations, God Visions, God musings, and expressions of an invocation to love, to be loved, to be eternal in this state of ISNESS ~
It is this that stirs within the soul until the call is heeded, explored, expressed, experienced anew, and in the loving expansiveness that one holds within oneself, is the expansiveness through which a reality is experienced and the All is benefited in kind.

And so it is,

Join us on the 20th for a Loving Entanglement with Cari from Straight Talk for the Soul Master Series platform, and for our Spring Equinox loving celebration, initiation, and ceremony in the Garden of Love;

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November 13, 2017

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