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Ascension Path Work: A Pocket Guide

Paperback – May 4 2017

by Joanna Ross
The Ascension Path Work: Pocket Guide provides practical tools to assist you in the sacred remembrance of our union with all life, with Mother Father God, and our entanglement and love for our human family upon Gaia. As you seek your Divinity within, you innately ignite your radiance, the organic God-spark and your eternal essence within the All that already exists within. This daily sacred path work book is our offering for you to explore, express, and enhance all that you are as a dynamic Divine Living Light Being. Read more…

5th Dimensional Consciousness:

Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact

by Joanna Ross
shares key understandings about the shifts and changes we all see, experience, and know to be true as Gaia moves through planetary ascension. By tapping into this new energy, it is created and triggered from within. The pineal gland, along with various other physical components create the doorway for us to experience the expanded growth that is required for us to move up with Gaia, from 3rd to 5th resonating frequency.  Read more…


The Dance With Creation:

Guide Book to Multi-Dimensional Revelations & the Universal Becoming

This 3rd ascension literary offering is a lighter and fluid ride through the Divine entanglement and weaving that all life within Creation are sewn with, yet only those awakened can atune to and enjoy the subtlties of its love. A special note from the Author ~ ‘When I write, I commune. And this culmination tenth year of awakening path work, I have recognized that the Universe seems to know, God seems to know exactly who will benefit from these high frequency books, and so the All and its wisdom offerings and energetic love, along with our human collective energy, are all imprinted within the pages in loving exploration.  Read more…

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