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Blessings dear lighted ones,

Genuine heart-felt listening, sharing, communing does wonders for healing the family ~ Open your Divine heart, allow, align with Source & share.

Family healing is based upon seeking, knowing, and envisioning the God within all life, all beings, and be still and genuine presence, and listen.

Share your light, share your love, this is how we shift the energy in our homes;
When you genuinely say; ‘I believe in you, I will never stop believing in you, I love you.’
Open, allow, align with God and then offer your sharing, and all will be truly aligned always with your highest version

We shared this on the 2nd half of our show yesterday ~
Light Language is offered and sung through the heart ~ JLR
Blessings and love,

September 23, 2017 ~ Fall Equinox and Ceremony to LOVE

So excited to dance, celebrate, commune, and allow the Divine to flow within our sacred etheric chambers ~
Join us this morning as we entangle within the Heavenly essence of the Christed frequency of new beginnings, new harmonic intent, and the collective song of peace and harmony ~

Never underestimate the power to create, alter, soften, shift your reality experience ~ You are the master of love, you are the master of light! And so it is, and so you are.
We are truly entering, in this very moment, into the threshold of new and it is a gift, a blessing, a Divine and Heavenly offering that will allow you to be in the soul blueprint and cosmic mission that you have designed for yourself ~

These are auspicious times to step up into something new, take chance, take a risk within the heart, and know you are guided, loved, supported, by all that is new presenting itself for you ~ clear the way dear ones, for you are being ushered into ANEW!

There is nothing that we cannot create and manifest anew. We are all ambassadors, stewards, and care-takers, mothers, fathers, and celestial angelic frequencies of profound potential ~ how may you create from the excitement and inspirations that your Divine Higher Mind, Sacred Communion with Source, and All That Is gifting and offering? You were born to embrace your expansiveness and create within it. And so it is, and so you are.

May you breathe in this innate Divine truth of Heavenly ‘IS-ness’ and walk in peace, walk in joy, for you are so much beauty to behold!

Blessings and great joy,

Good morning dear lighted ones,

As we mentioned on our most recent weekly ascension show, we have begun our Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centre and my children are the very first participants and crystalline kids and wanted to create a vision board of their desires on what we are able to tap into when we are all together!
Here is our podcast from the weekend;

Some personal inspirations from my kids, the first Universal Light Wisdom Center joyful offerings as what they envision upon what we can co~create together ~
These are their own creations and artistic offerings ~

Join us in celebrating this exciting time in our human evolution ~ Oh children you Are so very profound Our new Universal offering can be found here when we launch later this month!

Thank you to everyone that had their gifts, skills, inspirations, and Divine essence offered and sewn within this as we dance and entangle as a new cosmic Christed human!

January 24, 2017

Greetings Family of Light

Family of Light

Welcome Universal Family of Light

We are so happy to connect with you in this way and know this will be the start of something truly incredible.

It is time dear lighted ones,

We have been talking about this since our inception into offering an ascension Universal platform years ago and I am taking the next step!
In grand Universal support, and know there are many that can resonate, it is time to include our youth, our delightful lighted children into the arena of light and awareness of light in every way ~ in our Sacred Temples of Light monthly classes, we will be exploring more about why inclusivity in all ways is so important to our continued evolution and the wellness of our children. Many of us have incarnated into this earthly frequency with vibrations, encoding, and soul contracts with the spirited intent to assist in a myriad of ways with these incredible global and galactic transformations, and have been challenged in this same way to feel welcome or at home in a world paradigm that offers little discussion and exploration with our multi-dimensional existence.