Good morning dear lighted ones,
Here is our KCOR show from Saturday April 28

Divine Sacred Relationships

Join Joanna as she updates us on the Full Moon in Scorpio, the deep healing in our ability to enliven our own unique, innate Sacred Relationship within ourselves, that is the threading and experience within the ALL.

* This Divine Sacred Relationship is the re-balancing within the 4 lower bodies; physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and allowing for the sacred trinity to align for further ascension integration of the higher multi-dimensional bodies.

* This Divine Sacred Relationship is the re-balancing of our innate behaviour and relationship within Gaia, within ourselves as an ascending human family, opening to altruism, opening to balanced and sacred behaviour with Gaia and all life, all nature gifted.

* These are the stirrings of deepening our unity within Creation, to prepare for greater peaceable living for our crystalline children, future contact, and the dynamic of an ascending earthly-human-Universal paradigm of experience

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