About US ~ The First Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centre

Who, What, Why



~ At Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centre, we see ourselves as a sacred and Divine soul tribe that has come together from all corners of our planet, serving many earthly and Universal lifetimes, to serve our human family, our cosmic family and Universal Oneness that supports higher vibrational light and love wisdom and healing practices and behaviours.


~ We provide loving support, light centred wisdom, encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration to allow those who so desire the potentials to also attune within themselves for healing, Universal Oneness and awareness, self-love and self-acceptance, Divine sovereign creative exploration of the eternal Christed infinite self within. As many of us are adults that have moved through years of ascension and enlightenment exploration, we have remembered the Divinity that exists within and how truly remarkable and exciting this human journey can be. We offer an exciting new platform in which families, children, facilitators, and teachers of heart-centered joy can come forth to further explore, heal, and transcend in every moment that we gather and commune in such Divine and sacred ways. The potentials for today’s families, children, and all humans to live in a state of self-knowing, self-love, self-healing, and Divine creative exploration is possible and to live with excitement and exaltation to be the essence of our most-highest self in human form is what we are remembering about this incredible earthly~human journey.


~ Just as many parents and adults have been moving through their ascension and awakening for many years now, we have also seen and experienced the myriad of shifts and life-altering changes within our family environment and these vibrational offerings can ignite many karmic and Akashic experiences to come forth for healing, understanding, and acknowledgement so that we may truly expand within our own unique essence of Divine Oneness, self~acceptance, and honouring all that we are with a true sense of self~love. These are behaviours and practices that we are remembering and that are being activated from our highest and most natural state of being; the Christed~self, and the God~self is the natural, innate, organic essence that resides within each of us and it is our Divine birthright to explore, ignite, expand within, and truly co-create with such infinite and eternal passion that we live moment-for-moment in self-joy and self-honour, to live within our fullest and most exciting light of the Divine Christed self.

To be liberated in which we are empowered to truly explore, initiate, express, and create within a safe, loving environment in which the All that exists within and without, can be openly explored and entangled with so that new expanded perspectives and a deep sense of self and unity within the All can be treasured.

Light wisdom and healing is brought through and presented within the Divine self, of those that desire united and masterful way to entangle and dance within Creation.

We have, as a human collective been living within the limitation and constraints that have affected our self-knowing, our societal experience, and every facet of our reality experience. We are now in a very important transition phase in which to step within new cosmic, galactic, and Universal potentials, we must heal and expand our perspectives about the All that we truly are as unique Christed individuals, and a unique ascending human collective. This process of awakening, healing, expansion and exploration is unique to each person and can be Divinely majestic and Universally complimentary to bringing forth such profound loving potentials that are far beyond our most Divine desires and levels of understanding,

Our Universal offering of light wisdom, light and loving resources for higher dimensional living within higher dimensional cosmic planetary and ascending human potentials. In awareness of our human and planetary ascension within higher dimensional vibrations, we are unveiling new human behaviours and excitements to create and co-create within our ever-shifting world and human collective; however this transcension may also unveil the karmic and Akashic energies that require to be acknowledged and healed, to transcend and illuminate the All that we are, as we navigate and operate within higher dimensional planetary resonance.

We offer a platform, a healing and exploration centre of light wisdom, light and love co-creation within the Divine alignment of the Christed Consciousness; in our exploration and excitement, we center our intent and grounding to commune, engage, and come to life within Gaia, the webbing of consciousness we exist within, and to anchor all that we are and do within the infinite family of the Divine and Heavenly greater good, where the All will benefit and be served.